The Pursuit of Never-Ending Education through Digital Signage


In collaboration with Taiwanese Government’s “Aim for the Top University Project,” National Chengchi University (NCCU) College of Commerce established Academia Excellentiae in 2008. To update the facility with the most current technology, CAYIN provides a solution of SMP digital signage players and meeting room management software, xPost. The solution is incorporated with an online booking system, which allows the players to automatically display classroom information all around the facility.

In order to create a convenient way for student to keep track of their schedule, the College of Commerce sets up a total of 8 SMP players throughout the campus. The wayfinderPost and meetingPost are linked to a database which manages the online booking system with automatic updates. This significantly reduces the time students and teachers spend on trying to locate the class when on campus.

Digital bulletin boards are available in common areas on the ground floor of the College of Commerce building. They provide not only schedules of department events, but also activities across campus, opening multiple channels for communication, and allow passerby to resonate with NCCU’s brand and culture.

To learn more details about the case, please visit CAYIN’s website: National Chengchi University, Taiwan

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