Queen Mary Digital Exhibit Brings History to Life


This unique project was about bringing history to modern day with an exquisite replication of Winston Churchill’s war rooms on The Queen Mary during WWII. The ship was decommissioned in the 1960s and made into a museum in Long Beach, California. The exhibit is comprised of powerful audio, compelling video content, archival footage, set scenery and clips from the award-winning movie Darkest Hour for visitors to be fully immersed in this pivotal period in history.

Nominating Company: Almo Professional A/V, Lutherville, Maryland
Venue: Winston Churchill and The Queen Mary Exhibit, Long Beach, California
Project: Winston Churchill and The Queen Mary Exhibit
Category: Experiential Design & Planning

The goal of the project was to capture the essence of that time period and to link Winston Churchill and The Queen Mary ship, which was an integral asset in winning World War II. The exhibit walkthrough allows visitors to experience what it was like in those rooms where some of the most important wartime decisions were made.

The team was faced with many challenges. There were limited assets, close quarters, and budget constraints. In addition, we were not permitted to use Gary Oldman, the actor that portrayed Churchill in the movie. Also, working aboard an older cruise ship from 1936 posed unique restrictions. No damage or drilling into walls was permitted because of the historical nature of the ship.

Queen Mary Exhibit pic2

The team hired a Churchill impersonator to help recreate much of the content and resourcefully used video effects to create certain aspects of the exhibit. The team used many short-throw projectors due to the narrow confines of the ship.

The team dynamically delivered the story of Churchill and The Queen Mary by using state of the art AV equipment technology and pairing it with reproductions, artifacts and memorabilia from that time. Visitors leave with a better understanding of that historical period and have greater understanding of the importance the ship served in winning the war.

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