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Tobacco use, that socially acceptable addiction that is supposedly more difficult to shake than heroin, has been on the decline for more than a decade now. And unless you’re embroiled in a high-security prison economy or we somehow find ourselves in another World War, the cigarette will continue to lose its power as a currency and as a personal crutch. Those poor tobacco companies … said no one ever. And while Greece is still leading the pack with more than 40 percent of citizens claiming the habit despite austerity measures and economic downturn, the English-speaking world has drastically decreased its tobacco consumption. The United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and New Zealand are all at 20 percent or lower, and to help hammer the nails into tobacco’s proverbial coffin, JCDecaux, UM and the Cancer Institute NSW have collaborated on a down-right scary new digital signage campaign.

Combining JCDecaux Innovate panel technology with targeted StreetTalk panels powered by a geo-spatial media planning tool, this installation at Sydney’s Pitt Street mall is encouraging the last vestiges of urban smokers to quit by giving them a glimpse of how the habit mutates body cells and can lead to cancer. To reinforce the campaign message, ‘See the damage. Stop the damage,’ pedestrians can use the peep-hole viewing feature to look directly into the smoker’s body. Large HD digital screens inside the panel work with unique lenses, allowing audiences to literally “see the damage” smokers are doing on the inside.

To reinforce the campaign message, ‘See the damage. Stop the damage,’ pedestrians can use the peep-hole viewing feature to look directly into the smoker’s body. “We’re really pleased to see the interactive capabilities of Out-of-Home combined with the powerful geo-targeted impact of our StreetTalk assets for such an important client and cause,’’ said Alan Klein, Head of Creative Solutions at JCDecaux.

Katarzyna Bochynska, Manager of Cancer Prevention at the Cancer Institute NSW, said: “This campaign is aimed at younger smokers, who have a high level of awareness of smoking related diseases, but who feel that they can put off quitting until they are older. This campaign aims to show them that tobacco smoke is already causing mutations to their cells now, which can lead to cancer. We hope that this activation will encourage smokers to think twice about their smoking habit.”

The Cancer Institute NSW’s interactive Innovate panel will be live until August 30 at Pitt Street Mall in Sydney.

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