Qwick Media: No Need to Wine about Dead Battery Blues


Qwick Media, a Burnaby-based Content Management Software company, is proud to announce their designation as the “Official Supplier” of cell phone charging at the Vancouver International Wine Festival. Designed specifically for convenience, security and garnering attention, the QwickCharge stations are sleek and state of the art with six secure charging lockers per station including a 19-inch interactive display.

The Trade Tasting recently took place, and it wasn’t shocking that the majority of the station’s lockers initially remained empty. As the wine poured and batteries drained, the QwickCharge stations quickly began filling up. By sundown, the stations were bustling. People began socializing around the QwickCharge stations with wine glasses in hand, waiting. As one locker was vacated, another cell phone would quickly take its place. The “Water Cooler of 2016” has arrived.

QwickCharge stations are quickly gaining popularity. They’re becoming commonplace for conferences, festivals, schools and businesses, so it’s no surprise that they were met with a rousing reception at the Vancouver International Wine Festival. Gone are the days of low battery warnings, missed goodnight calls and black screens. “Lifesaver” was just one of the words festival patrons used to describe the QwickCharge stations last night. “Because the QwickCharge station was here, I got to talk to my kids to say goodnight,” said one of the festivals exhibitors.

Businesses, brands and organizations are realizing that QwickCharge Stations can be used for brand identity, messaging, advertising and, most importantly, for customer satisfaction. The Vancouver International Wine Festival is just one of many organizations to recognize the importance of a juiced-up smartphone in their customers’ hands. It allows guests to connect, tweet, post and boast about their experiences.

Connectivity is key, and a dead phone is a missed opportunity. Given the real-time strength of social media, your event may not trend if no one can talk about it or listen to it. The “power of now” is literally in the palm of your hand, and QwickCharge helps you keep it there, the company said.


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