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How can a network most cost-effectively evaluate the success of its content/playlist? The obvious answer is, do you enjoy watching your playlist? The problem with that answer is you’re biased; along with everyone at your company and yes, your mother’s opinion is biased as well.

The solution then is to conduct market research with unbiased parties in your target audience. The problem with that solution is that it is expensive, and becomes immediately irrelevant as soon as you make adjustments in response to the market research.

Framing the question another way, what are objective yet, cost-effective ways to evaluate the success of your content/playlist?

Here is a good start. Rate your content/playlist on a scale of 1-5 for these 5 questions.

On a scale of 1 to 5, does your playlist provide value for the shareholders?
1 — No, we’re burning resources with nothing to show for it.
2 — Sort of, people look at it, but we aren’t seeing any lift in sales or objective goals.
3 — I would say so, given the fact that we have noticed a lift in sales and objective goals.
4 — You bet, we’re meeting all our projected sales and objective goals for the network.
5 — Yes! I’m pushing up my retirement, and the CEO already gave me a promotion.

Are you maximizing the potential of your technology and talent?
1— No, we don’t have the time, talent, equipment or experience to do what we need to do.
2 — Sort of, time is tight, talent knows their way around Photoshop, equipment is reliable most of the time and management has some knowledge of the industry/audience.
3 — I would say so, content development covered every major phase of iteration, our team just graduated with design degrees and internal decision makers have a good background in content creation theory.
4 — You bet, the content creation strategy was followed religiously from the beginning, our graphic artists and project managers are experts in their respective fields, and the technology is humming pretty with only a few hiccups since launch.
5 — Yes! We had time to develop a revolutionary new content playlist that used recent technological advancement in the industry to match the unique needs of the network sponsors and this year’s ad campaign.

Is your audience watching?
If they’re captivated, you will get their attention and keep it. Go to one of your locations and run this test yourself
1 — No one even looks at the screen.
2 — A few people look but then look away in a matter of seconds.
3 — Some people are looking and then pay attention to the screen for 10 percent of the playlist.
4 — Some people are looking and then watch for 25 to 50 percent of the playlist.
5 — A lot of people are looking at the screen and then decide to watch the whole playlist or interact with the content by responding to a call to action, ad or message.

Is your playlist relevant to the audience time, place, space, needs, desires and wants?
1 — I don’t even have a clearly defined audience.
2 — I know who my audience is and where they’re going but can only assume their wants.
3 — I have a good amount of data about who my audience is, why they would watch the screen and what they’re interested in.
4 — In addition to general data about my audience, I have talked to many of the people in my target audience, collected personal testimonials on site and interviewed shop owners.
5 — Nielsen conducted a market research study on my network that cost me an arm and a leg, but I know exactly who, what, where, when and how my audience eats, sleeps and breathes.

Does your dwell time take into account the principle of effective frequency?
1 — We haven’t changed the playlist since we launched. That was 6 months ago … What is a “dwell time”?
2 — We update our playlist every month or so.
3 — Our playlist matches our visitor’s dwell time but has repeat visitors and workers seeing the same playlist for up to 2 weeks.
4 — Our playlist matches our visitor’s dwell time and has repeat visitors and workers seeing the same ads/messages in the playlist for up to 2 weeks, but we have fresh feeds for weather, traffic and news that update every day throughout the day.
5 — Our playlist matches the average visitor’s dwell time, has up-to-the-minute feeds intermixed between ads that update between audience visits.

Add up your total. If you have more than a 20, you likely have a very successful content/playlist running on your network.

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