Raydiant Offers Digital Signage Solution on T-Mobile, America’s Only Nationwide 5G Network


SAN FRANCISCO, March 17, 2020 — Digital signage and in-store experience solutions provider Raydiant, today announced the release of their ScreenRay LTE solution, powered by the T-Mobile for Business Network.

Raydiant’s ScreenRay LTE is architected to meet the emerging market need for instantaneous, secure digital signage connectivity—crucial as brick-and-mortar locations experience the increasing demand for broader, more reliable, and flexible deployment of digital signage.

The Raydiant ScreenRay LTE provides embedded T-Mobile LTE capabilities, along with essential networking and management capabilities, to secure and manage digital signage content. With centralized cloud management and easy deployment, the solution is purpose-built to drastically reduce complexity and time-to-operation of digital signage deployments.

“Restaurants, retailers, and organizations in every vertical are being hit by the onslaught of the need to provide digital signage in their locations with easy fast set up and secure reliable management,” said Bobby Marhamat, CEO Raydiant. “The ScreenRay 2 LTE exclusively leverages the best of the enterprise-grade T-Mobile for Business Network and our next generation cloud-managed solutions to uniquely deliver on that.”

This integrated capability makes it an ideal solution to meet the needs of restaurants, retailers and enterprises across every industry, particularly as the emerging trends of digital content necessitate resilient, secure connectivity for diverse, proliferating screens.

“The combination of Raydiant’s breakthrough digital signage technology and the rock solid T-Mobile for Business network could not be a better fit for Wahlburgers,” said Mark Wahlberg.

The ScreenRay LTE allows customers to deploy Raydiant’s Cloud Platform in less than five minutes, enabling them to prototype and test new signage solutions fast and quickly iterate to stay ahead of the market. This turnkey solution allows granular control and security, with the ability to set up time-of-day access schedules, policies and security settings. With centralized cloud management, ScreenRay LTE eases the challenges of securing digital content for digital signage, while allowing management and visibility over the exploding number of connected screens.

Since Raydiant’s ScreenRay LTE enables the ability to manage devices from the cloud, a central administrator can control content and access remotely, regardless of where the LTE enabled Raydiant solutions are physically located. The integrated solution’s built-in telemetry and simplified client health statistics empower IT administrators to control the network edge based on identity and screen type. Raydiant helps simplify digital signage by reducing the cost and complexity of distributed deployments with its cloud-enabled solutions.

About Raydiant:
Raydiant, formerly known as Mira Technologies, was founded in 2017 after realizing there was an industry need for an innovative commercial platform to run screen-based applications on dynamic digital displays. Raydiant found that many enterprises needed ways to run applications on screens serving customers, clients and employees, but the current industry solutions were often bespoke, improvised, unreliable, inefficient and incredibly expensive. 

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