Rebellious and Sophisticated – Coates Group Reimagines Self-Ordering With New K2 Kiosk


Coates K2 Kiosk pic

CHICAGO, October 30, 2019 — ​​Coates Group, a global leader in digital merchandising technology, announced the launch of its new K2 kiosk. Rebellious in form and sophisticated in function, the K2 challenges the bounds of design and innovation. Focusing on considered features to deliver a truly immersive customer experience, the minimal form factor integrates seamlessly into modern retail, hospitality and QSR environments.

“The release of our new K2 Kiosk has seen Coates take an exciting step toward a design direction that moves away from the more traditional block-style kiosks of today. The design direction is shaped by a more minimalist approach to tones, lines and curves, creating a more polished profile,” said Wes Fagan, Global Head of Design and Hardware.

Researched, developed, prototyped and tested extensively, the K2 was designed with the utmost intention both internally and externally. It boasts a durable, scalable and recyclable single formed, 9mm aluminum shell featuring a 24″ PCAP edge-to-edge Elo® touchscreen display. The woodgrain finish pole complements the anodized shell and integrates with its modern aesthetic that redefines the industry benchmark.

While boundary-pushing design was a priority, consideration of the customer ordering journey was at the forefront. Though concealed within the sleek shell, the printer and scanner are located strategically to replicate the placement of a customer’s hand during a human exchange. A visible payment shelf that can accommodate a range of payment devices indicates the transactional nature of the kiosk, but is located on an angled recess to offer privacy. Function and form carry equal importance, resulting in an inviting kiosk that redefines and simplifies the self-ordering landscape.

Enclosed and easily accessible within the single form shell is the plug, play and print-ready smart core featuring an Intel® NUC Mini PC with Core™ i5 Processor and Zebra Technologies® printer and scanner. The screen hinges open from the bottom-up, creating easy access for servicing and replacement of paper, instructional graphics located behind the screen create further ease of maintenance.

To enhance flexibility for integration into various environments, the K2 is available in four mounting configurations – wall, single freestanding, double freestanding and counter. The outcome is a completely reimagined, sophisticated self-order kiosk that welcomes a seamless and redefined customer experience.

The K2 is now available for order. View photos of the K2 here.

Coates Group redefines the way brands engage with their customers. For over 50 years, Coates has driven constant innovation in the QSR and retail space, delivering unrivaled merchandising solutions – indoor and outdoor hardware as well as an in-house developed content management system, Switchboard™ – across the globe.



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