Redefining Retail with T-Mobile Times Square


T-Mobile’s Times Square store shatters the bar of what to expect from a retail experience.

Nominating Company: Razorfish, San Francisco, California
Venue: T-Mobile Times Square Store, New York, New York
Project: T-Mobile Times Square Store
Category: Retail

Razorfish excels in fusing the best of what the digital and physical worlds have to offer, which made it a perfect match for when T-Mobile tapped us to help take their brand to the next level in their new store in Times Square.

Razorfish assembled a talented multidisciplinary team to help produce and deliver this bold expression of the T-Mobile brand in the heart of New York. This store needed to not only stand out, but to be bold enough to rise above the noise of Times Square.

We created an experience that uses the latest in technology to deliver a dynamic environment that engages customers, both inside and out.

With 2,000 square feet, we worked with T-Mobile to translate our deep knowledge of customer pain points, attitudes and commerce into an experience that represents the T-Mobile brand and attitude while also standing out in the visual intensity of Times Square.

Every project has its own set of unique challenges and opportunities.

“At T-Mobile, we have done so much over the last few years since Un-Carrier launched to break down pain points, and we wanted a place where we could really bring that attitude and customer experience to life,” said T-Mobile Director of Signature Stores Christine Overgard.

Our Emerging Experiences team turned to virtual reality to help T-Mobile visualize what a fully immersive and connected retail environment looks like. This technology allowed us to play with 4,000 square feet of synchronized screens while construction was still underway.

Razorfish T-Mobile Times Square Store picSOLUTIONS
From the 13-foot multi-touch wall that visualizes T-Mobile’s class-leading network to the Music Freedom experience that allows guests to personalize, create and share a musical moment based on their own taste, every corner of the store is exploratory, fun and engaging.

One of the store’s most viral experiences celebrates T-Mobile’s global network in which more than 140 countries and destinations can be explored. The Simple Global, Selfie Station allows guests to take a landmark-inspired selfie to be shared for all of Times Square to see.

Bringing the interior to life is an enormous 20-foot-high by 75-foot-long video wall that surrounds the store environment with more than 3.2 million synchronized pixels. During closed hours, the store continues to add energy to Times Square by showcasing a signature video experience every 20 minutes, bringing T-Mobile’s brand to the city that never sleeps.

The lessons learned from this store project have since been applied to two additional U.S. locations (Chicago and Miami). Each one is authentically T-Mobile in its own way.

Schimenti – Construction
JLL – Construction Management
FRCH – Retail Design and Architect
YCD Multimedia – Digital Signage Software Partner
Planar – Hardware
Nanolumens – Hardware

Razorfish won the Installation of the Year APEX Award for T-Mobile’s Times Square Store in the Retail category.

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