Redevelopment of Union Station Includes Indoor and Outdoor Displays


The Massachusetts Department of Transportation authorized the redevelopment of Union Station in Springfield, Massachusetts.

This renovation project reopened in late June 2017 as a regional transit hub not only featuring Amtrak service but serving as the new hub for the Pioneer Valley Transit Authority (PVTA) bus system in the area.

Installation of GDS indoor and outdoor LCD displays for the terminal, platforms and bus shelters played an important part of the modernization.

Nominating Company: Global Display Solutions, Inc., Rockford, Illinois
Venue: Redevelopment of Springfield, MA Union Station, Springfield, Massachusetts
Project: Redevelopment of Springfield, MA Union Station
Category: Transportation

The final redevelopment plan was completed in December of 2014, and GDS was engaged in January of 2015 to submit digital display product concepts that would meet their requirements for video walls and passenger information displays.

GDS worked directly with MassDOT in the design of the specifications for the modernization.

Intermodal transit operations made it critical to provide a clear passenger information system, to be properly displayed across the dedicated installations in this hub.

This project used a variety of indoor and outdoor displays that were designed and engineered to work within the existing infrastructure.

The renewed environment – including high-bright indoor and sunlight-readable outdoor public information displays – required solutions that were reliable and easy to maintain.

The redevelopment project required multiple display sizes and configurations as well as displays that would work in the outdoor environments of Massachusetts.

In addition, the public areas were brightly lit, so LCD displays needed to be bright enough to be seen throughout the terminal and on the platforms.

GDS worked with the architects to refine the concepts for the information displays including how they would be mounted.

While the high reliability of the display solutions chosen was critical, the ability to easily service all of the displays and provide a software-driven diagnostic network to provide real-time data on the health and wellbeing of the displays became an important part of the system.

GDS transportation video wall

Ultimately, the display solutions that were chosen included:
– 55-inch LCD video wall displays with custom ceiling mount
– 46-inch Outdoor LCD displays custom configured with track signage
– 38-inch Stretch Outdoor LCD displays used at the bus shelters
– 46-inch Indoor LCD displays custom designed with integrated OPS and electronics in a single, field-replaceable module. (D-BRAIN)

In order to enhance the displays’ contrast, brightness and readability in high ambient light conditions, they all had optical enhancements (GDS G+BOND) in the form of optical bonding that provided a reflection -free image on all the displays as well as greater protection from dust and humidity.

The 55-inch Video Wall in a 4 x 4 configuration is the centerpiece of the main concourse. This video wall is hung down 12 feet from the ceiling, which is 50 feet from the ground to provide a seamless passenger information display solution.


The station restoration was nearly complete in March 2017 when officials took journalists on a tour, and the grand opening occurred on June 24, 2017.

The $83 million modernization will allow a steadily growing number of inter-city and commuter rail passengers to access and interconnect under one roof with real-time information access.

This update of Springfield’s Union Station will allow this landmark facility to re-emerge as a rail gateway to the full expanse of the Pioneer Valley as well as to the north in Vermont, New Hampshire and, potentially, Quebec and its internationally cosmopolitan Montreal.

The new line will connect Connecticut’s northern suburbs and cities to “New York City, Boston and points beyond,” Malloy said, while towns with new stations aim to use them as a catalyst for development.

Massachusetts Department of Transportation (Master Sponsor)
Pioneer Valley Transit Authority (End User)
Collins Electric (Integrator)

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