RedyRef Interactive Debuts New enGAGE.Touch Wayfinding Sofware Module for enGAGE 360 Digital Directories and Self-Service Kiosks


Riverdale, NJ (PRWEB) August 21, 2017—RedyRef Interactive has launched its latest digital directory and self-service kiosk innovation: Wayfinding for enGAGE.Touch. This add-on software module can be seamlessly integrated with the core digital building directory suite ( for environments that require more sophisticated navigational solutions.

Wayfinding Solutions for Every Environment

RedyRef’s enGAGE.Touch wayfinding software was developed for easy integration with any enGAGE interactive kiosk or digital directory. The intuitive interface was designed to give visitors and guests stress-free navigational support in any environment, from corporate and government offices to large health care and educational campuses. Google Maps integration enables directional assistance both indoors and outdoors, with optional blinking paths and interactive 3D maps available that simplify even the most complex wayfinding needs.

Navigate On-the-Go

The new, proprietary Mobile Handover feature allows users to transfer wayfinding maps from kiosks and directories to their smartphones so that even when they must navigate between buildings within a large campus, they are never without directional assistance. The Google Maps integration plays an important role here as well, allowing visitors or guests to receive mobile directions to and from any location, even if it’s outside of the main area. Whether they need directions to another office on the campus, to the airport or to a local restaurant, Mobile Handover is there to guide them. And for those who prefer written directions over graphic displays, turn-by-turn instructions are available via SMS.

Wayfinding Software Developed with Visitors’ Needs in Mind

Wayfinding for enGAGE.Touch was designed with the user experience front-of-mind, says Will Pymm, Vice President and Managing Partner. “By developing this software module, we’re offering companies an opportunity to give visitors and guests a smooth, stress-free wayfinding experience, creating a greater likelihood for a more positive impression of the organization itself. Navigating large, unfamiliar areas is simplified and lessens guests’ anxiety.”

Interactive wayfinding solutions designed, built, deployed and serviced “All Under One Roof”

Wayfinding for enGAGE.Touch was developed by RedyRef Interactive to be integrated with the core enGAGE.Touch directory module ( and is compatible with any of RedyRef’s kiosk enclosures, all of which are designed and manufactured in house. From custom, built-to-order digital building directories, to modular self-service kiosks from the semi-custom enGAGE line, RedyRef’s enclosures can be tailored to the exact use case and environment, from single office buildings to multi-facility campuses.

About Redyref

Established more than 100 years ago, RedyRef Interactive ( is a vertically-integrated manufacturer and developer of electronic building directories, digital wayfinding solutions and self-service kiosks. Learn more about enGAGE 360 and the enGAGE.Touch wayfinding software suite at


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