Reflect Launches AdLogic to Optimize Advertising on Digital Signage Networks


DALLAS—OCTOBER 24, 2017—Reflect AdLogic™ is disrupting the way that advertising operates on digital signage networks. Reflect’s latest innovation replaces manual processes with automation for greater efficiency and flexibility and improved accuracy for achieving advertisers’ objectives. The platform is designed to work seamlessly with the ReflectView™ content management system.

Before Reflect AdLogic, digital signage network operators manually inserted ads into content playlists. Now, they can easily manage advertising campaigns by programming AdLogic to achieve objectives based on frequency of plays and audience impression targets. Scheduling functionality automatically takes into account each location’s hours of operation and customer traffic to calculate precisely the number of ads that will need to be displayed. Ads will automatically play based on the campaign parameters programmed, and advertisers have assurance that they will get exactly what they have paid for with reporting that provides verified playback data.

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“Possibilities are limitless when you are a technology company. When we see on opportunity to make our products better, we invent a solution, improve the process, and our clients enjoy the results,” said Matt Schmitt, president and chief innovation officer with Reflect. “It’s satisfying to see our vision come to life with AdLogic, and we’re pleased to be bringing this platform to the market.”

Reflect is a leading provider of award-winning place-based digital media programs including enterprise-level digital signage, large-scale LEDs, video walls, interactive applications, wayfinding, and more. Reflect was founded in 2001 in Dallas, and has since developed some of the largest place-based digital media networks in North America. Reflect supplies everything brands need, including creative agency services, robust content management and ad trafficking systems, and media sales, all backed by the market-leading ReflectView™ software platform.

With a proven record of providing digital solutions to thousands of locations seamlessly, Reflect is trusted by some of the most reputable brands in the world. Best Buy, Buffalo Wild Wings, Cedar Fair Entertainment Company, Levi’s, and Verizon Wireless are among the retailers, destinations and brands in Reflect’s client portfolio. Collectively, Reflect powers more than 400,000 digital screens in more than 35,000 locations. Learn more at




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