Reid Health Expands to 300 Screens


Reid Health’s use of digital signage has grown from two signs a decade ago to more than 300 screens. Using Omnivex Moxie digital software, Reid Health now has a network that provides waiting room information, physician lounge information, static menus and dynamic menus, employee information and interactive wayfinding.

Nominating Company: Omnivex Corporation, Concord, Ontario, Canada
Venue: Reid Health, Richmond, Indiana
Project: Reid Health digital signage network
Category: Education & Healthcare

Reid Health is a regional health system including a 217-bed hospital on their main campus and numerous satellite locations in the region of Eastern Indiana and Western Ohio that they serve. Reid has continued to expand in the region in recent years, and quality communication tools are critical to fulfilling their mission, wholeness in body, mind and spirit. It was with this mission in mind that Reid Health undertook a project almost a decade ago to pilot digital signage in their facilities. The initial two digital signs were used in public concourses to communicate public information such as gift shop sales and event information. When Reid Hospital moved to brand new facilities in 2008, they wanted to extend their digital signage network to include interactive consoles, employee communication and complex data integration. Most recently, Reid Health also added interactive wayfinding to their digital signage network.

One of the biggest challenges with any digital signage network is the installation of the infrastructure (mounts, power, networking). This has been an ongoing challenge for Reid Health as they have expanded their network over the last decade.

For Reid Health, with their recent addition of interactive wayfinding, there were a few challenges including designing appropriate maps for the wayfinding kiosk. The Omnivex Moxie software they use for all of their digital signage has helped by enabling them to modify and add elements easily on the maps. Keeping up with changes to the maps as they are a rapidly growing health network has also been a challenge.

Reid Health’s implementation of Omnivex Moxie digital signage software began almost a decade ago with two displays that were used as proof of concept for digital signage on the Reid campus. As Reid Health grew and expanded, additional software licenses were purchased, and Reid Health expanded their use of digital signage to include interactive consoles, employee communications, complex data integration and interactive wayfinding most recently. Reid Health uses Omnivex Moxie to power 303 screens across nine counties in two states and more than 40 buildings. The screens are a variety of sizes, and they are used for waiting room information, physician lounge information, static menus and dynamic menus and employee information. Over the last year, Reid Health has also expanded their digital signage network to include wayfinding and an extensive network of interactive quality improvement tracking units that are currently being developed for their LEAN initiative and for interactive “Wellness Kiosks.”

Reid Health’s use of digital signage has grown from two signs a decade ago to more than 300 screens. RESULTS
The consistent expansion of the ReidTV network is proof of the value that the Omnivex digital signage solution provides to Reid Health. Reid has realized this value in a number of areas:
• Advertising and cross selling of services – Digital signs have enabled Reid to promote services such as Wellness Screenings across their facilities.
• Improved communications – The ReidTV network has enabled Reid Health to increase the frequency of their communications and also provide relevant real-time information to both the public and employees. This has led to improved employee morale and a potential increase in patient satisfaction.
• Cost savings – Through the use of digital signs, Reid has saved money on the printing and labor associated with the physical signage they used to have in the facility.
• Time savings – The ReidTV network has helped reduce the time and effort required to distribute messages.

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