Renault’s Drive the Future Campaign Puts You in the Driver’s Seat


In this Installation of the Week, the installation comes to you rather than the other way around. In an effort to advertise the “Out of the ordinary driving experience” offered by the new Koleos, the latest luxury SUV signed by Renault, the proverbial ad wizards finally ventured away from the generic car commercial template of vehicles taking hairpin turns through a pristine, bucolic countryside in perfect weather to instead embrace a clever virtual reality (VR) campaign.

It’s being called “Drive the Future: A Renault Experience,” because not only would potential buyers be purchasing a modern and stylish new car, but because the VR visuals involved would echo in reality shortly thereafter as participants are offered a test drive. The promotional stunt film below, one of the first for its industry, dramatizes how such a campaign might be administered.

Jet-setting male entrepreneurs and executives from Asia and Australia, Renault’s target demographic, would be relaxing in first-class seating on a routine business trip when their flight attendant approaches with a VR headset offering a glimpse into the near future. They are then transported to the inside of their destination airport where a boy kicks a ball towards them and a beautiful brunette in a red dress flirts with her eyes as she passes on a people mover. Before they know it, they arrive at the ground transportation and are offered to test drive the new Renault Koleos. The VR film’s dashboard view then takes riders on an impactful voyage through landscapes both real and fictitious. The unbroken shot sequence, spatialized sound and stereoscopic effects immerse the “driver” in a car-discovery experience both from the inside and from the outside in a striking time-lapse.

As the travelers actually deplane, the same events that occurred in the VR film happen in real life as a full-on, but somehow refreshingly laissez-faire, sales pitch ensues. The Renault “Out of the ordinary driving experience” digital activation completes the 360​–degree campaign developed by Publicis Conseil.

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