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The Retail Resurgence Program (RRP), part comprehensive strategy and part financial assistance plan, is arriving just in time for companies of all shapes and sizes to plan the multimedia arm of their reopening strategy amidst budgetary constraints and a retail landscape that’s changing with global pandemic conditions. Announced last week, this coalition between longtime collaborators Reflect Systems, BrightSignNEC Display Solutions and NEC Financial Services bundles digital signage packages with financing options so can companies can affordably engage, inform and retain customers and staff during these challenging times.

Through the program, businesses can install digital displays and kiosks at no cost for three months, followed by reduced monthly payments for the next 12 months and standard payments for the remaining 24 or 48-month term. Every wall-mount display and kiosk being offered features an NEC HD commercial display, a BrightSign HD4 media player with 32GB SD and Wi-Fi module, professional installation, content services and the ReflectView digital signage software platform annual license. In addition, the RRP also includes up to 10 hours of content strategy, content development, and/or content scheduling support at no additional charge. Digital Signage Connection caught up with Reflect Systems’ COO Bob Sanders for a deeper dive into how the current RRP came to fruition and what the future holds for this collaborative initiative:

Reflect Systems' COO Bob Sanders

Q: How did this idea form between this team of specific partners?

A: We had been discussing the challenges facing retailers as they reopen and collectively felt that the challenges really fall into three distinct categories: technical, content and financial. We wanted a program that offered practical solutions to alleviate stress in each of those areas. As long-time partners, we realized we were uniquely positioned to bring that to market quickly. And thus, the Retail Resurgence Program was born. 

Q: Can you tell me more about the free 10 hours of available content strategy support that the program offers and any general trends in content creation that could be considered best practices going forward?

A: Effective content is arguably the most important factor in the success of a digital signage initiative. This has become even more clear with the new communications requirements facing retailers as a result of the pandemic. In general, the key trends focus on strategy, flexibility, and creativity. The most effective initiatives don’t seek to solve a single-point problem such as “share safety practices” with guests. These programs look more holistically at the entirety of the audience, environment and business objectives to develop a comprehensive strategy for leveraging each display to achieve the desired objectives. To do this, retailers need a flexible solution that will allow them to change content quickly, automatically distribute different content to different locations in an efficient, programmatic manner and measure and adjust content as their needs change. In all this, content creativity is required to create engaging experiences that bring real value to viewers and draw their attention.  This can be donewith interactive experiences, but also with passive content that inspires, informs and captures the audience’s imagination.

Q: Is the RRP being offered indefinitely for new companies and venues to sign up?

A: Given the unpredictable nature of the current situation, we have not placed parameters around how long this program will continue. Since the goal is to help retailers get back on their feet, we want to do just that. We will evaluate the need on an ongoing basis and keep the program in place as long as it makes sense. 

Q: Are there any plans to continually update the kiosk and display technology offerings in the program, say to something involving temperature checks, if the situation or company need(s) call for it?

A: Always! As partners, we continually look for additional technologies that will help our customers better engage and serve their customers and staff. Many of these solutions are available today, and even though not highlighted in this particular offer, they can be provided to customers now based on their specific needs.

For more specific info about RRP packages, check out the original news announcement here.

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