RevelTV and Absen Create Immersive LED Environments at the new Multimillion-Dollar Hale Centre Theatre in Utah


Orlando, Florida, USA (Oct. 12, 2018) – Since opening in November 2017, the Hale Centre Theatre at Mountain America Performing Arts Centre, located south of Salt Lake City, Utah, has captured the attention of theatre goers both near and far. The Hale Centre Theatre, which has been in the Salt Lake City area for close to 33 years and is one of the largest and most respected community theatres in the country, partnered with local AV integrator RevelTV to install the latest in technology inside and out of the new $75 million-dollar complex.

“Our mission has always been to present high-quality, family focused entertainment,” said Quinn Dietlein, Associate VP, Corporate Development for the Hale Centre Theatre. “One of the ways we do that is by embracing the latest staging technologies.”

During the design phase, RevelTV worked side-by-side with the theatre’s team to help create unique spaces inside and out of the complex that pushes the creative envelop such as trapezoidal and circular-shaped screens, moving stages and the latest and greatest in lighting and sound technology.

“LED became a major part in the conversation with the theatre’s design team,” said Brian Fitzpatrick, President and CEO of RevelTV. “Thanks to our long relationship with Absen, it was a natural fit to pull them into the project to help us design solutions to bring their vision to life.”

In order to best advertise upcoming productions to the passing traffic, RevelTV and Absen designed six large digital signs using the XD6 Series LED solution, which are strategically aligned beside each other to create a captivating show of moving content on each upcoming production.  

In the lobby area, Absen’s N4 LED solution was leveraged to create a unique design, towering the concession area that patrons can enjoy watching as they wait in line for refreshments.

However, the most captivating LED installation is found within the complex’s $20 million-dollar theatre-in-the-round which boasts a total of 4 large, curved N4 LED walls in the back area as well as a four-sided Acclaim 3.8mm jumbotron like structure that can be raised and lowered, helping immerse theatre-goers more within each scene set.

Patrons will soon experience a large LED wall in the complex’s Jewel Box stage. RevelTV is installing the Acclaim 3.8mm video wall that will significantly ease the often-cumbersome multi-scene changes that happen during various productions. By utilizing LED technology, the theatre’s design team can create the scenes digital, freeing up the already limited space backstage.

“Our partnership with RevelTV has grown significantly over the last several years,” said Gary Fuller, Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Absen Inc. “This project is truly an amazing example of how LED is impacting today’s stage production designers in taking their design capabilities to a whole new level that leaves patrons with a breath-taking experience during each production.”

To learn more, watch Absen’s video testimonial here.



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Absen Inc.

Absen Inc., headquartered in Orlando, FL, is the US subsidiary of Absen, a leading LED display manufacturer. With hundreds of rental/staging and integration partners across the USA, Absen has quickly become the LED manufacturer of choice for a variety of prestigious projects. Highlights include sporting venues for the NBA, MLS, and NBC; casino installations for MGM Grand and Caesars Palace; premier events including the Ultra Music Festival, Comic-con, Golden Globes and the Emmys; and digital signage in the heart of NYC’s Times Square. Learn more about Absen at



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