Ricoh Unveils Virtual Presenter Holograms to Engage Audiences Anywhere, Anytime in Any Language


MALVERN, PA, January 9, 2017Ricoh USA, Inc. today unveiled the latest addition to its growing services portfolio – a virtual presenter hologram aimed to improve brand experiences by automatically and intelligently delivering targeted messages to customers anywhere, anytime and in any language. The cutting-edge RICOH Virtual Self-Service Hologram leverages artificial intelligence holograms and Ricoh’s ultra short-throw RICOH PJ WX4152N projectors to greet, inform and bid farewell to visitors. This new service offering furthers Ricoh’s dedication to help companies maximize the effectiveness of their resources and address the demands of today’s changing business landscape, known as the new world of work.

The RICOH Virtual Self-Service Hologram – used as a multilingual receptionist, concierge, tradeshow product specialist, and more – helps companies’ messages stand out. It enables those brand attributes to make an impact by vocally greeting audiences as they walk by, encouraging engagement. Photo-realistic computer-generated images (CGI) leverage PRSONAS technology to meet visitors’ eyes and speak directly to them. This technology has the ability to entice visitors to pay attention longer than typical signage and can also assess how well the message is resonating by tracking engagement information and providing analytics. Additionally, the RICOH Virtual Self-Service Hologram demonstrates return on investment via PRSONAS’ analytics package, which collects insights on duration, commerce transactions, conversion rates, personal identifiers, locations and A/B testing.

RICOH Virtual Self-Service Hologram can be deployed in a variety of ways to address the needs of many retail, tradeshow, sporting and other venues. Holograms can be set to project computer generated images of people, animals, mascots or even real-life people, such as executives or celebrities. Whether leveraging a greeter to hail those passing by at a trade show, presenting a lifelike re-creation of an executive to provide office visitors with key messages, or entertaining visitors with a mascot’s antics, the RICOH Virtual Self-Service Hologram provides interactive engagement options to create a welcoming environment. Thanks to Ricoh’s ultra short-throw technology, the holograms require a mere 16” x 15” footprint. Additionally, updating messaging for the CGI receptionist is quick and easy, making it simple to address common questions or changing messaging needs. For example, a retail location could use a RICOH Virtual Self-Service Hologram as a virtual greeter who receives visitors, answers basic questions and provides coupons for discounts.

“In any business, improving the customer experiences is a key focus. Finding the right technology that can measure and track the impact of that brand interaction is a prized jewel,” said John Brophy, Vice President, Product Marketing, Ricoh USA, Inc. “The RICOH Virtual Self-Service Hologram delivers a way for brands to engage in customized and informative interactions with visitors by leveraging its ability to answer questions, provide discounts and point visitors in the right direction for further discussions. And the ultimate business value is the service’s cloud-based analytics dashboard that provides real-time insights not only on the interactions, but also duration, commerce transactions, conversion rates and more.”

To learn more about the RICOH Virtual Self-Service Hologram, visit: For details on Ricoh’s full line of products, services and solutions, please visit and follow @RicohTweets on Twitter and Ricoh USA on LinkedIn. 


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