Rise Vision Releases New Solutions to Help Schools Reopen


Rise Vision solutions for COVID

(Toronto, ON July 15, 2020) –– Many schools are expecting to reopen throughout August and September. To help them reopen safely and communicate important notices Rise Vision has launched a set of new solutions for education. 

Rise Vision has released over 30 professionally designed coronavirus safety signs, new at-home student communication features, and a temperature scanning solution. These paired together can help schools keep their communities safe and ensure they can keep everyone connected whether they are in school or at home. 

“We’ve been talking to our education customers daily about the challenges they are facing and how we can best support them. Thanks to their fantastic feedback we have been able to create these solutions to help them reopen and keep their schools connected.” – Shea Darlison, Head of Product, Rise Vision

The safety signs use subtle animation to capture student attention and display important notices like using self-assessment tools, social distancing, COVID reporting, how to wear a face mask properly, and more. 

For at-home communication Rise Vision now enables schools to push content to their website, learning management systems, social media, and student computers. This gives school administrators the ability to quickly push out important announcements and positive news to keep their community connected whether in school or at home. 

Sarah Scott Middle School has started using the new Rise Vision features to distribute their message to their community at home. The features have given Tony Smodilla, the Media Specialist at Sarah Scott, the ability to share all of their digital signage content on the school website, in social media, over email, and more. Smodilla explains “instead of typing the same information in different places I can update one place, it’s a lot easier.” Smodilla estimates the new feature has cut the time he spends updating their website and getting communications out to parents in half.

Learn more about the new solutions from Rise Vision.


Rise Vision is a digital signage software provider. Since 1992 we have been thinking about how we can help our customers have great looking displays. It’s an obsession we have.

Today, our primary focus is education and the over 3,000 schools we currently serve. To deliver on our promise of making sure digital signage isn’t difficult we provide new templates every week (over 325 of them so far) to keep a school’s displays current and engaging for little effort, and we make sure they stay running with greater than 99% uptime.

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