Rogers Wireless Store Redesign and Queuing System Gets Results


Fido, a wireless provider in Canada, initiated a redesign of stores to elevate their core principles while creating a modern, urban, and digital environment. Rogers, the parent company for Fido, partnered with Nanonation to implement digital signage, interactive touch and digital queuing in the design. The Fido brand targets a more time-conscious, tech-savvy, value-driven audience than the Rogers brand. This redesign’s environment is very relatable to this key demographic.

Nominating Company: Nanontion, Lincoln, Nebraska
Venue: Rogers Wireless, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Project: Rogers Wireless Fido redesign
Category: Experiential Design & Planning

The goal of the Fido redesign was to move to an experiential model, appealing to their savvy and value-driven demographic. The first deployment opened in Ontario, with five additional locations opening in 2018. The design includes interactive touchscreens that allow customers to learn about all of Fido’s products and services and stations allowing their customers to check in to meet a sales associate. In addition, an abundant amount of digital signage is used to both communicate to customers and to be a flexible digital canvas in helping create the modern and relevant vibe of the store. The self-serve check-in stations allow customers to enter the digital queue, which is presented on the digital signage. When an associate is ready to serve that customer, they receive a text message notification and an “interrupt” pops up on the digital signs announcing the customer’s name and the name of who will be serving them.

Bringing together a store with so many digital experiences meant that there was also a lot more complexity. Not only was there digital signage, but the need to present both new interactive content as well as utilize existing tools, such as Fido’s Digital Brochures and Sales Assist application. The Queue Management System had a front-end website and web-based management tool, but no signage component. And all of it had to work seamlessly in a 1,500-square-foot store. This meant that many screens had to pull double duty, acting as both a consumer touch point for information as well as have hidden employee functions for managing the queue and even running Fido’s phone diagnostic and troubleshooting tool (MCE).

Utilizing Nanonation’s platform, the Fido team is able to manage all of the various digital endpoints from a single tool. The Nanopoint software became the hub for all of the experiences, even those involving other vendors such as queueing or the Fido “Sales Assist” application. For touchscreens, Nanopoint creates a seamless interface for customers, but a hidden control allows for password-protected access to queue management for store staff. For the queuing system experience, Nanonation was able to extend it by integrating to the QMS (Booking Bug) and creating the visual “interrupt notification” that shows not only who is up, but the name and picture of who will be serving them. This duality in function not only provided sales staff the ease to transition from a sales-facing platform to back-end functions, but it also allowed associates to remain digitally engaged with customers visiting the store.

Rogers Wireless pic2RESULTS
The impact of this platform has been pivotal within this new Fido design. We capture the attention of customers and passerby traffic with digital moments from the façade of the store to the back of the store. Digital makes us agile in messaging in this competitive market and allows us to elevate the brand within the store while also serving staff in managing queue and back-end operations. The installation of a queuing system has allowed us to manage, analyze and improve the flow of visitors, which in turn has generated significant benefits. These benefits include better allocation of resources, optimized staffing, a deeper understanding of the customer journey and ultimately, a more positive experience for customers. Installation of Nanonation’s platform has contributed to significant, positive increases in sales, traffic, and both customer and rep satisfaction. Simultaneously, it allows us to create a very digitally friendly, relatable and relevant retail experience.

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