Rouge Media Adds 1,000+ Colleges and New Addressable Digital Tower to Networks


Rouge Media has continued accelerated expansion across USA and Canada with their networks covering 7200 touchpoints in North America. That was until last week. Rouge Media has entered 2019 with a new burst by adding 1000+ contracted colleges to this number and introducing a brand-new vertical digital tower to its networks. As a result, Rouge Media now has the biggest addressable media network in campuses across North America. The new colleges added to the Campus network include Rutgers University, UC Berkeley, California State University, Stanford, George Washington University, Arizona State University, Michigan State University and University of Texas.

The vertical digital tower was a product innovation brought forth by anticipating market needs in order to bring a larger range of formats for brands and meet varied campus requirements. The new digital towers come equipped large vertical digital screens as well as wireless charging pads.  The new screens are full HD just like Rouge’s other digital screen products, and have similar full photo and video capabilities.

Speaking on this, President and CEO Martin Poitras said, “Product innovation and market trends have been part of our DNA since our first day over 15 years ago. We are excited to announce the exclusive contractual agreements with these colleges to our clients and partners, and bring more products and avenues for brands to reach their consumers. We want to take this opportunity to also thank all our partners who are part of our existing and future network.”

Rouge Media also offers a full stack of geofencing and data solutions through Rouge Mobile that can be combined with media in their physical network venues. The brand safe curated venues in the Rouge network allowing both local and national level targeting, and the mobile solutions driving impact to selected socio-demographic audiences will play an important part in the current landscape of dynamic content, digital video and automation.


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