Saint Xavier University’s First Satellite Campus Installs Digital Signage


Level 3 Audiovisual was awarded the opportunity to design the technology system for Saint Xavier University’s first satellite campus in Gilbert, Arizona. The key component in the AV design was the Christie Brio wireless presentation system. The university was looking for campus-wide collaboration, a Simulation Center, a video wall and more.

Nominating Company: Level 3 Audio Visual, Mesa, Arizona
Venue: Saint Xavier University, Gilbert, Arizona
Project: Campus-Wide Digital Signage Installation
Category: Education & Healthcare

L3AV was tasked with finding the right mesh of audiovisual equipment to allow for campus-wide collaboration in each of its rooms as well as being able to share remotely between campuses for distance learning purposes. They were also tasked with building and designing five simulation labs and three control rooms. The campus integration included a 16-foot mosaic video wall in the main entrance to wow students and staff. To top it off, the university also wanted a 40-foot-wide projector in the auditorium that could have multi-window capabilities as well as BYOD sharing and remote collaboration with the Chicago campus. The university was already familiar with the technology of the Christie Brio as they are currently using it at their Chicago campus. However, the extent that they wanted to be able to use it required software that was not yet developed.

The biggest hurdle was that the customer wanted the Brios to do something that they weren’t designed to do. Prior to this project, the API for the Christie Brio was very limited in what you could make it do from a control system. Our programmer worked with Christie for more than four months to develop a more advanced API and then programmed our control system to operate the Brios and AV systems from a single user interface rather than multiple interfaces.

img_0807The integration for the nine collaborative learning studios is quite basic. A typical room consists of four to seven displays mounted around the room, each creating its own huddle space. At each display, the users have the ability to connect to the display via hardwired connections, or wirelessly, each going through the wireless presentation device behind the display. Groups at each huddle space can then work independently of other groups within the same room, or the instructor can ‘take control,’ and revert back to an instructor-led course, showing any one of the inputs available at the central instructor station. The instructor also could connect to individual devices and share that with each of the groups. Walking through the building, you will find other conference rooms with touchscreen displays, small huddle spaces and digital signage, all with the intent of sharing knowledge with a focus on collaboration.

Customer Testimonial:
“Saint Xavier University was looking to break the mold of traditional learning spaces when we were envisioning our Gilbert, Arizona campus. We believed that by transitioning from a common classroom to truly student-centered learning studios, we could change over time the instructor/ student relationship. This included the use of modern technologies to achieve a dynamically collaborative learning space for students. To make this happen, we needed to work with a technology integrator who was open to pushing the limits and who did not feel restricted by the traditional. Level 3 was a perfect partner for this. They never said our ideas were impossible, but that they could find a way. If you are looking to stretch the use of technology in modern progressive ways, I would highly recommend Level 3.” – Dr. Chris Zakrzewski, Assistant Provost for Technology and Instructional Innovation.

Level 3 Audio Visual won the DSE 2016 Silver Apex Award in the Education & Healthcare category.

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