SAP Americas Streamlines Business with InTouch Wall


SAP transforms traditional meetings into more interactive, engaging and immersive experiences for its customers with T1Visions’ inTouch Wall — a 15-foot multi-touch, multiuser interface that houses more than 2,000 customer stories. The Wall was deployed in 2014 at SAP Americas’ Executive Briefing Center in Newtown Square, PA.

Nominating Company: T1Visions; Charlotte, North Carolina
Venue: SAP Americas; Newton Square, Pennsylvania
Project: T1Visions’ InTouch Wall
Category: Business, Industry & Government

T1Visions' inTouch Wall at SAP Americas

With more than 235,000 customers worldwide, SAP is the market leader in enterprise software and software-related services. Headquartered in Newtown Square, Pennsylvania, SAP Americas is home to one of nine state-of-the-art Executive Briefing Centers in the world. These facilities are designed to offer progressive sessions to help organizations learn, collaborate and strategize with SAP thought leaders, industry experts and partners. Together with T1Visions, SAP sought to change the Executive Briefing Center experience for its customers.

SAP wanted to create a more interactive, engaging and immersive experience for SAP customers. The company sought to communicate their story through their customers’ stories, and they required an intuitive and user-friendly UI with the ability to display and filter a large amount of content. The central idea was to take meetings away from the typical board room and into a more open-concept space, where information was easily accessible and interactive for participants. Finally, content would need to be updated seamlessly and require little-to-no maintenance.

SAP worked with T1Visions to integrate a 15-foot inTouch Interactive Wall in its Executive Briefing Center. The Wall is a multi-touch, multiuser, multi-application interface that customers can use simultaneously to control what content they want to see, while accessing different features across the Wall. More than 2,000 SAP customer stories are featured, including case studies, videos, photos, text and other dynamic content — all with a consistent look and feel. With extensive search and filter functionality, customers and account executives can easily locate customer stories by industry, line of business, solution or customer name. And best of all, T1Visions’ custom software application pulls data directly from SAP’s existing database to the inTouch Wall. This ensures that content is always fresh, synchronized and requires virtually no additional upkeep from SAP.

What’s more, T1Visions was able to tie this large-format solution into SAP’s mobile application, meaning once associates leave the Executive Briefing Center, they can access the customer stories from the convenience of their iPad for meetings in the field.

The inTouch Wall allows SAP to deliver their customers an unparalleled experience. Now, executives are able to quickly reference client case studies and explain their products through success stories. The amount of information housed in this one interactive interface makes meetings more engaging and impactful for participants. And internal teams are able to use the Wall as well, particularly when discussing new projects or customer solutions.

The Wall immediately became the ‘wow’ factor in the Executive Briefing Center, and as new ideas have emerged, SAP has continued to work with T1Visions to tweak and evolve the product to better satisfy their needs.

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