Saudi Airlines’ Airport of the Future


This project in the Transportation category envisions the airport of the future on behalf of Saudi Airlines.

Nominating Company: Magic Innovations, Bilogorodka, Kyiv, Ukraine
Venue: Saudi Airlines, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
Project: Airport of the Future for Saudi Airlines
Category: Transportation

The task was to visually depict the airport of the future. Saudi Arabia’s air travel market is one of the fastest growing in the world. This feature makes the technological approach to the development of increasing volumes. Futuristic design, security, unmanned control, a speed of transfer and improvement of the quality of services are the main accents of the airport of the future.

The main task was not just to show futuristic images of aviation, but to embody the vision of Saudi Airlines. Basically, difficulties arose in the specification of individual elements for both the technical and visual natures of the project. This content is actual work in understanding the future of civil aviation.


Thanks to the use of mirror surfaces on the floor and on the ceiling, it turned out not just to demonstrate the content, but to immerse the visitors of the pavilion in the atmosphere of the planned future and feel a part of it. Technically, we managed to achieve the effect of total immersion.

The client was satisfied with the implementation of the task. This exhibition helped spread information about their achievements in the market. Confirmation of the success of this project was further cooperation with the client in other projects.

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