SaviSign P100 Pro: Improved 4K Wi-Fi Enabled Signage Player with Creative Software Manager by SmartAVI


North Hollywood, CA, December 14, 2017 –(– SmartAVI designed the SaviSign P100 Pro for maximum flexibility and ease. Access, control, and update the unit from anywhere in the world via the Internet directly from your PC with SaviSign Manager. The SaviSign Manager features an easy-to-use interface with click-and-drag operation. Customize pre-made templates with text, pictures, and video; create playlists and schedule them. Oversee signage from a central workstation and send it to displays all over the world with web support. SaviSign Manager also supports multiple languages and blank, fully customizable templates for enhanced personalization.

The P100 Pro can display pre-made templates and user created layouts from SaviSign Manager, as well as various digital media formats. With UHD resolutions up to 4K (3840×2160 @ 30Hz), the SaviSign P100 Pro is the perfect choice for high quality signage displays. Connect the SaviSign P100 Pro to HDTVs, projectors, digital billboards, video wall installations, and more.

The SaviSign P100 Pro is also optionally compatible with USB peripherals like keyboards, mice, and storage devices. Users can also control the P100 Pro via Infrared signals with our packaged IR remote controller.


– Wi-Fi enabled design for wireless access to your signage content

– Free SaviSign Manager software for creating, scheduling, distributing, and updating your signage

– Free IR remote control

– UHD resolutions up to 4K (3840×2160)

– Compatible with USB keyboards & mice

– 32 gig on-board storage

– Supports USB 2.0 transparent peripherals

– Plug-and-play for immediate use

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SmartAVI, Inc. is a world-leading innovator of digital signage and AV signal distribution based in North Hollywood, California. SmartAVI is internationally known for its aggressively-priced, high-quality audio/visual signal management solutions. System architects everywhere have come to rely on SmartAVI’s innovative technologies and commitment to the highest standards in AV solutions. Users that have embraced SmartAVI’s expertise include: NASA, Boeing, DreamWorks Studios, Johnson & Johnson, the United States Army, Procter & Gamble Company, Adobe Systems Incorporated, Lockheed Martin, Monte Carlo Resort, and Miller Brewing Company.

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