Scala Showcasing Digital Solutions and Expertise at London Digital Signage Week


Scala, Inc. will participate in London Digital Signage Week events next week displaying innovations at the Retail Digital Signage Expo (RDSE), presenting at the “The Global Digital Signage Conference,” and sponsoring the Retail Digital Signage Champagne Bar party on 8 May.

Scala will represent the STRATACACHE family of complementary digital signage companies at the events, displaying and discussing how retailers can market smarter and more efficiently by connecting with shoppers via technology. During “The Global Digital Signage Conference,” Scala CPO Peter Cherna will discuss the history and future of digital innovation, addressing topics such as why “technology for technology’s sake” doesn’t work and best practices in starting from the project’s desired end result.

Retail Digital Signage Expo 8-9 May in Booth B55
Scala will display digital retail innovations at RDSE, which has an expected attendance of more than 17,000.

“Scala’s message to retailers is resonating with the marketing and innovation teams at an increasingly rapid pace they can leverage digital to mimic the benefits of online shopping while treating in-store shoppers to a personal, memorable experience,” said Chris Riegel, CEO of Scala and STRATACACHE. “RDSE is a great place to connect with these groups, showing how we help brands drive relevance by creating smarter, more personalized experiences.”

The solutions on display are:

• Connected Café A Scala booth favorite! Self-ordering kiosks featuring point-of-sale integration create a fun way for customers to place their order while boosting sales and order accuracy, and reducing wait times. The digital experience is completed with an integrated payment solution.
• Interactive Fitting Room RFID tags detect when an item enters, moves or leaves an area of the store. When shoppers enter the fitting room, a touchscreen shows detailed information and compelling images of the apparel. The shopper can then use the display to learn more, request assistance or even complete the sale. No more lost sales due to out of stock items; shops can now secure their sale by offering home shipments to the consumer.
• Smart Mannequin Customers are treated to the high-touch experience that draws them into brick-and-mortar stores with the Smart Mannequin. By touching sensor-embedded 2XU high-performance athletic apparel, a nearby touchscreen is triggered to display detailed product information, allowing the shopper to browse and learn more on their own.

The Global Digital Signage Conference 11 May at the Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre

Scala ( is sponsoring “The Global Digital Signage Conference” on Thursday, 11 May. During the one-day event, Peter Cherna, Scala CPO, was invited to speak during the 12:30 pm. session “What Have We Learnt in Thirty Years of Digital Signage?” where he will share insights and anecdotes from his nearly 25 years of experience in digital signage on a global scale at Scala.

The event materials describe Peter as “no-one better suited to talk about the prehistory of digital signage, explore the promise of technology encountered along the way (both fulfilled and otherwise) and share insights as to what experience should have taught us about success in the digital signage industry.”

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