Scanit Sees Increased Demand for Patented, Long Distance DRV Technology Amidst COVID-19


LAKE MARY, Fla. – Scanit, a patented new technology that can be used to read QR and DRV codes from up to 60 feet away, is experiencing a rising need for its tech due to the COVID-19 pandemic. With social distancing guidelines in affect across the world and no firm end in sight, the tech company is looking to provide businesses and consumers alike with safer alternatives in an increasingly touchless society.  

Scanit’s technology works similarly to a traditional QR code reader, which focuses on print mediums. However, in addition to QR codes, it can also be used to scan Direct Response Video (DRV) codes, which are found in digital media, like TV commercials, websites, digital signage, or point-of-sale terminals like drive-thrus. Combined with its ability to read these codes up to 60 feet away, Scanit offers businesses the opportunity to significantly expand their reach to consumers in a safe and convenient way. 

“QR codes have already seen a surge in demand since this pandemic hit. But while they reduce the need for direct contact, they don’t solve the social distancing problem,” explains Scanit co-founder and CEO Wayne Steidle. “By offering similar benefits to a traditional QR code reader, but at a longer distance, while also expanding to digital, Scanit is the solution for industries across the spectrum to reconnect with consumers in a safe way.” 

Scanit’s DRV code reader is patented in the United States and Japan, with a pending patent in Europe, as is its rewards program. Each time someone uses the Scanit app, they will earn points that can be used to redeem merchandise. This patented program allows advertisers to increase customer engagement by incentivizing more users to scan their codes. 

“QR code technology has been around for decades, and we are thrilled to be able to broaden its use during a time when it’s sorely needed,” said Mark Lass, co- founder and COO of Scanit. “Digital displays are the fastest growing advertising medium. At a time when so many companies are struggling, we believe this technology can be a game-changer in consumer engagement.” 

For more information about the Scanit app, visit or reach out to the team directly at info@PNS.IO or 888-876-2501.  

About Scanit 

Scanit is a patented QR and DRV code reader. Founded by Wayne Steidle and Mark Lass, the app can be used to scan codes in both print and digital mediums from up to 60 feet away. Users are also enrolled in a patented rewards program that allows them to earn points for each scan, which can be used to purchase merchandise.  

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