Scotiabank Solutions Branch Concept Location Provides Informational Hub


Scotiabank, in partnership with Cineplex Digital Media (CDM), introduced innovative digital tools into the new Scotiabank Solutions branch designed for customers looking for financial advice so they could explore the services and tools available to help them reach their financial goals.

Nominating Company: Cineplex Digital Media, London, Ontario, Canada
Venue: Scotiabank Solutions Branch, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Project: Scotiabank Solutions Branch
Category: Business & Government Services

To keep up with the changing needs of today’s customers, Scotiabank’s objective was to create an informational hub in their newly formatted Solutions Branch.

The new concept location was an existing branch retrofit, and due to the scale of the renovations, was closed to the public for two weeks. As a result, CDM was working within tight timelines to design fixtures, procure hardware, install and develop custom-built interactive applications in time for the branch re-opening.

Scotiabank Solutions Branch pic

Cineplex Digital Media played a key role in developing the in-branch digital strategy, custom content, fixture design and display configuration, including the introduction of three unique interactive zones.

Advice Calendar: Featuring dates of upcoming events and courses, customers can access previous presentations, browse upcoming seminars, register for free financial courses held at the branch and send reminders to their mobile device.

Staff Profiles: A large-format display at the entrance allows customers to learn more about the in-branch Scotiabank advisors available to help build their financial plans.

Interactive Investment Wall: This inviting space for customers offers free seminars, while also acting as a waiting area. Equipped with engaging content, the lounge helps to reduce the perceived wait time with interactive games, financial tips, financial advice and education for customers about local businesses that Scotiabank has supported financially.

The digital experiences resulted in more than 400 interactions within a single branch in three months, and the digital interactive zones are setting the stage for branch formats of the future.

Cineplex Digital Media’s Scotiabank Solutions Branch won a DSE 2018 APEX Award in the Business & Government Services category.  

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