Scotiabank’s Flagship Branch Gets Digital Facelift


Scotia Plaza, Scotiabank’s flagship branch, is located in a highly visible location in Toronto
Ontario’s downtown core and is one of Scotiabank’s top performing branches.
Scotiabank invested in, and installed five (5) unique digital media zones in Scotia Plaza’s
concourse to provide an information hub for guests and enhance Scotiabank’s brand.

Nominating Company: Cineplex Digital Solutions, Waterloo, Ontario
Venue: Scotia Plaza, Toronto, Ontario
Project: Scotia Plaza information hub
Category: Business & Government Services

The goal was to enhance the overall look and feel of Scotiabank’s flagship branch through a cosmetic facelift, including prominent digital displays. Scotiabank also wanted to increase sales and its service offering in the concourse area by creating a Scotia iTRADE Investment Centre with modernized digital ticker and seminar area. It was posited that this would increase Scotia iTRADE walk-in traffic within the new location, build awareness of the Scotia iTRADE Investor Centre brand and elevate overall brand presence.

Each channel has a unique content strategy and includes a range of content from marketing and advertising to dynamic content such as market data, weather, social media posts and live TV. Not only was this a complex project consisting of five unique installs and multiple technologies, but the short timeline to complete the project left little room for error.

Investment Centre Wall:
This zone includes 5×3 55-inch LCD screens, a total of 15 Screens and 3 channels. Channel 1 plays weather/market data provided by CDS, channel 2 plays 1×1 marketing, advertising and includes a live TV feed. Channel 3 plays marketing/advertising.

iTrade Centre:
State of the art stock 52-foot ticker feed with real time market data and seminar space (features marketing messages, PowerPoint and live TV).

Interactive Media Wall (IMW):
This zone is comprised of 5×7 Christie Microtiles (total of 35 screens and 1 channel) with the ability to feature ambient or interactive gamification content, touch and gesture, scheduled live TV and is equipped with audio-out capability

Brand Wall:
1×4 55-inch portrait LCD Screens with a focus on marketing and brand messaging. The four channel player can showcase different content on each display.

Social Media Wall:
Collage of 6×4 7-inch LCD Screens that play monitored Scotiabank social media URL’s (Facebook and Twitter).


iTrade Centre and Investment Centre Wall creates an information hub for Scotiabank customers and PATH guests.

The brand wall and social media wall enhances the Scotiabank brand, modernizes the branch and allows guests to get involved in the conversation by displaying Scotiabank social feeds.

The interactive media wall has featured multiple applications such as NHL Hockey Card where users can create an interactive Player Card of any NHL team, selecting their name, image, position and player number. Scotiabank showed their support for CONCACAF by deploying a soccer application where users test their skills in a shoot-out.

The social media wall plays monitored Scotiabank URLs on a red glass background that acts as a canvas to the posts, which allows for Scotiabank’s logo to be displayed in a social feed or in a banner. It displays up to 12 social feeds, updated every 30 minutes with the ability to approve or remove an individual feed if/when required.

Cineplex Digital Solutions won the DSE 2016 Gold Apex Award in the Business and Government Services category.

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