Screenfeed Delivers the Thrill, and Draw of the World Cup with Content Options for Digital Signage Networks Everywhere


(PRWEB) May 29, 2018 — According to ESPN, 3.2 billion people — nearly 47% of the world’s population — tuned into the World Cup in 2010, and 2014. In readiness for this year’s tournament, Screenfeed is adding 2 limited-time products to its standing library of 100+ digital content offerings. Both feature multiple language options, enabling network operators everywhere to connect with followers of what is the biggest single-sport event in the world. The Match Results, which include group play, and bracket play graphics, will be available in 6 languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, and Arabic. The World Cup News will be offered in 3: English, Spanish, and Arabic. Both products furthermore feature fun layouts, and bold color palettes designed to catch the eye in any environment, be it a mall, a transit station, a healthcare waiting room, a reception lobby, an airport, or a corporate communications system.

Group play graphics are available for immediate playlist scheduling, offering network operators the opportunity to build audience awareness, and buy-in prior to kick-off. Bracket play graphics will soon follow, and will auto-update with the match outcomes, and point totals after every game from Round of 16, through the final match, on July 15th.

News coverage, starting June 1st, will feature photos of the tournament’s biggest stars, on-field action shots, and stories from beyond the stadium walls. It, too, will update automatically, allowing network operators to sit back, and relax, confident in the knowledge that their viewers are staying engaged, and entertained.

It’s easy to get started. Everyone can get in on the fun, and games, starting at a flat rate of just $3 for the Match Results. They, and the World Cup News, are available for immediate delivery through Screenfeed’s online store at Let’s get this ball rolling!

About Screenfeed:
Screenfeed is the leading content production, and syndication company serving the digital signage industry today. We craft fresh, quality content, and offer it to our customers on a monthly subscription basis, at affordable rates regardless of network size. With a library of text, graphic, and video content across numerous categories including news, weather, health, trivia, lifestyle, infotainment, social, and local, we offer value for any network, anywhere. What is more, our hands-off, plug-n-play technology is compatible with virtually every digital signage software around.


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