Screenfeed’s Upgraded News Graphics Platform Saves Digital Signage Networks Thousands of Dollars in Customization Costs


MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. — May 13, 2019 — Understanding the challenge signage operators face in curating content that both engages their audience and provides a cohesive brand experience, the team at Screenfeed now offers a news content solution that rises to that very challenge.

Subscribers now have top-to-bottom customizability at their fingertips to create news content tailored to their network. “News is, by its nature supposed to be the most interesting stories at that time which helps attract attention, and it changes by the hour so it keeps screens fresh. To make news even more effective, we’re providing a great way for our customers to take more control over their news,” says Jeremy Gavin, CEO and Head Content “Chef” at Screenfeed.

With that control, users can select their preferred news source, customize colors and fonts, and choose from multiple design themes featuring full html animation. Gavin adds, “We’ve also launched our new Screenfeed companion app in the App Store and Google Play to provide the easiest way to approve or remove news from your screens anytime.”

Customers looking to leverage some of the most trusted news sources in the business won’t be disappointed – with options like the Associated Press, Reuters, The Canadian Press, and even Screenfeed’s own hand-crafted News in Pictures, subscribers can trust the coverage and reliability their audiences expect. For networks looking for an extra layer of control over incoming news stories, Screenfeed offers automated moderation by way of keyword filtering – which ensures certain topics, people, or competitors are left out of the mix.

Screenfeed’s revamp of news content unlocks the power to customize the look and feel of three new design themes. For networks wanting to align the visuals of their news more closely to their broader visual identity – matching a theme’s color palette or typography with network branding can be completed quickly within Screenfeed’s user-friendly customization menu. Each design theme also boasts eye-grabbing html motion design complete with animated intros that will help boost the perceived production value to viewers. The new themes are built responsively, so whether customers choose to fill a standard, portrait, sidebar, or other zone with their news, they can rest assured the design will still look sharp.

Screenfeed’s new news content is all about setting networks up for greater success quickly and easily. What used to require hours of design and development work–costing thousands of dollars–can now be accomplished in minutes.

About Screenfeed:
Screenfeed is the leading content syndication company serving the digital signage industry today. We craft fresh, quality content, and offer it to our customers on a monthly subscription basis, at affordable rates regardless of network size. With a library of text, graphic, and video content across numerous categories including news, weather, health, trivia, lifestyle, infotainment, social, and local, we offer value for any network, anywhere. What is more, our hands-off, plug-n-play technology is compatible with virtually every digital signage software around.


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