Self-Service Kiosks Provide 24/7 Info at Rest Stops across Ontario


The Ontario Tourism Marketing Partnership Corp (OTMPC) and The Ministry of Transportation (MOT) commissioned Cineplex Digital Media to design self-service kiosks for various ONroute rest stops across Ontario. The kiosks were designed to connect travelers directly with local tourism information, businesses and road safety information.

Nominating Company: Cineplex Digital Media, Toronto, Ontario
Venue: Ontario Tourism Interactive Kiosks, Toronto, Ontario
Project: Interactive Kiosk Deployment
Category: Public Spaces

OTMPC was looking for a sleek, new interactive solution to replace the existing kiosks at various ONroute rest stops across Ontario, which would provide tourism information to visitors 24 hours a day and encourage them to spend more time in surrounding areas.

The existing kiosk within the ONroute Centres did not have the bandwidth or speed required for the complexities of the new Provincial Kiosk application. As the ONroute Centres are often by design situation in remote locations, installing new network lines proved too costly. Cineplex Digital Media instead scored a wireless network option to provide the necessary bandwidth and speed for select locations. This also allowed for direct control over the network to ensure proper monitoring and maintenance of the kiosks.

Self-Service Kiosks Provide 24/7 Info at Rest Stops across OntarioSOLUTIONS
Cineplex Digital Media provided a fully managed interactive solution including content management, remote monitoring, live traffic feeds and strategically designed creative to attract guests while adhering to the OTMPC brand.

The triple-sided freestanding kiosk was designed to complement the ONroute rest stops with gloss-white finish, durable toe kicks, LED lighting and 4K Ultra HK touchscreens.

Fuelled with website data, the creative used impactful 4K motion graphics, targeting each location, interactive games, suggested tourism locations, highway maps, live traffic updates and weather conditions to engage visitors. Analytics were used to track and measure interactions, allowing OTMPC to strategically market to visitors at ONroute kiosks.

In the first 30 days, more than 1,200,451 impressions and 275,200 interactions with an average engagement of 5.9 minutes were recorded. Those resulted in a 21.5 percent conversion rate.

Installation Partners – Taylor Group


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