Servus Credit Union Opens Digital Touchscreen Experience Branch


Servus Credit Union is a member-owned provincial credit union in Alberta, Canada. Servus is focused on helping members feel good about their money and promoting engagement around members’ financial fitness. Evans Hunt worked with Servus to create content and develop a digital touchscreen experience for the newly opened Panorama Hills branch in Calgary. The goal was to create brand awareness and trigger deeper conversations with financial advisors about members’ financial wellbeing.

Nominating Company: Evans Hunt, Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Venue: Servus Credit Union – Panorama Hills, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Project: Panorama Hills Branch Experience
Category: Retail Environments

The new digital-only, teller-less Servus branch in Panorama Hills is aimed at educating members using multimedia and promoting deeper level conversations with Financial Advisors while basic-level banking tasks can be handled by ATMs and Video ATMs.

Catering to young, digitally savvy suburban families, Servus Panorama Hills presented a unique opportunity to pilot a digital experience with content that would support financial awareness of members. In addition, the screens made use of interactive tools encouraging conversations about members’ financial health with financial advisors.

Together with Servus Credit Union, ADMAX, and Digital Pharos, Evans Hunt designed the digital experience as an interactive 80-inch display seamlessly embedded into a DIRTT wall system, all while keeping the branch’s physical and user experience in mind.

In a community where Servus Credit Union’s brand visibility and awareness was relatively low, there was a challenge of first nailing down content that would resonate with the diverse audience we were speaking to and designing for. Content needed to cater to a wide demographic of members with limited wait times, and also serve as a tool for branch staff to spark conversations around Profit Share Rewards and members’ financial health.

In addition to UX/content challenges, we also had a number of technological barriers, such as introducing content with high-speed requirements on an older network. With a short 10-week timeline, there was little room for error and a lot to tackle.

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We began by conducting in-depth user research and a discovery phase with Servus Credit Union stakeholders to inform content planning. We spoke to branch staff, employees in retail banking, and members of the Servus digital and member experience teams. The main insight we gathered was the importance of community, which became the main driver of our strategy. Content buckets included an Introduction to Servus Credit Union, About the Branch, a space for New Canadians, Financial Check-Up, Profit Share Rewards, and more.

The Evans Hunt team then moved into a two-week-long series of sprints, covering UX, wireframes, content, creative direction, development, and testing. Meanwhile, ADMAX expedited the 80-inch screen and an interactivity kit to be tested on the DIRTT wall system.

When customers arrive at the branch, they’re greeted by an interactive digital experience that is inviting and simple, which eases customers in and helps define their needs.

Less than a year after it opened, the Servus Credit Union Panorama Hills branch has seen significant improvement (in comparison to Servus traditional branches) in member engagement. Members have noted that waits feel shorter, and the barrier to understanding their financial fitness is far less daunting. Branch staff have the added opportunity to engage in real conversations with members about product plans and financial health. The overwhelmingly positive reviews from employees and customers alike make the Panorama Hills digital branch the first of its kind for Servus Credit Union and raises the bar in the competitive landscape.

-Servus Credit Union
-Digital Pharos

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