Sharp Launches 90-in Digital Signage Display


Sharp has announced that its 90-in PN-Q display is now available to buy. Sharp launched the PN-Q range this year to meet demand from businesses for displays for signage and presentations.

The range now includes four size options, 60-in, 70-in, 80-in and 90in.  The PN-Q range features Sharp’s UV2A technology and anti-glare coating. 

It also offers remote controllability via RS-232 or LAN, offering control for screens mounted in hard to access locations. 

Two large format displays from Sharp’s updated PN-R range are now also available to buy. The next generation 60-in and 70-in PN-R displays with 700cd high brightness offer versatile signage solutions suitable for 24/7 use. They are designed for constant use in busy locations and have slim fire-proof metal cabinets making them suitable for airport installations. 

The PN-R range offers a variety of installation options, including tilted forward (face-down) or backward (face-up) by up to 90 degrees as well as landscape and portrait modes. The PN-R displays also feature a Mini OPS extension slot to add more functions to the display, including wireless connectivity, and integration into a wide range of user applications.

For signage applications that demand mission-critical reliability and extra impact, the current generation PN-R is also available in 0-in.

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