Sheraton Transformation – Art Meets Technology


Leftchannel, a Columbus, Ohio-based content design studio, designed a digital art experience as part of a major renovation of the iconic Sheraton Dallas Hotel. The digital art piece spans dual LED columns, which are located at the entrance to the hotel, bridging two art districts.


Overseeing the multi-million-dollar renovation, Chartres Lodging Group’s goal was to connect the hotel renovation with the 10-year redevelopment of the Dallas Arts and Business District. Leftchannel was commissioned to concept and develop a digital art piece that would triumphantly welcome guests, and create a sensational and memorable guest experience while celebrating the city’s diverse arts scene. /p>

The two nearly nine-foot-tall grandiose columns are wrapped in LED screens situated at the hotel’s porte-cochère with multiple viewpoints from every angle; engaging people on the street, as well as in the hotel.


Though having three weeks to complete the project from concept to installation, leftchannel collaborated with an amazing team to successfully deliver for the launch date: LED screen manufacturer Sansi North America (SNA), VDI Communications AV Division and Prism Electric’s Technology Division.

Additionally, both a challenge and an inspiration for the project was to marry the premium quality and sophistication of the refreshed Sheraton while honoring the urban art and culture of Dallas.


To create a piece that sets the mood as guests enter the hotel, leftchannel designed a collection of visually rich, ambient animated modules that complement the newly designed lobby. In designing for dual audiences, leftchannel meticulously orchestrated the content so it would be visually pleasing to anyone whether they are in the lobby, bar or passing by on the street. Each element moves with elegance and fluidity and is precisely timed to astonish hotel guests. Concurrently maintaining vibrant colors reminiscent of the Dallas art scene and dynamic visual variety, it stops anyone on the street.

Leveraging a flat 2D medium wrapped around dimensional columns, the piece is innovative for its ability to perform on multiple planes, dimensionally as well as emotionally.

Leftchannel is also responsible for managing the content; adding seasonal refreshes and defining the tone with varied playlists. The refreshes will continually transform the space.


“The digital columns are a fantastic way to showcase the hotel’s overall design theme of celebrating art since we are at the intersection of the Arts District and Deep Ellum,” said Maki Nakamura Bara, president and co-founder of Chartres Lodging Group. “Adding movement, perspective and technology just takes the theme to another level.”

The digitally animated piece fulfills the overall objectives of entertaining passersby, and greeting and engaging guests to connect them to the hotel and art districts, and ultimately, helping to usher in the new modern Sheraton brand and creating a memorable hotel experience.

Project Partners
Sansi North America (SNA)
VDI Communications AV Division
Prism Electric’s Technology Division
Chartres Lodging Group
Sheraton Dallas Hotel
About leftchannel

Leftchannel is a content design studio with a global presence. For nearly 20 years, leftchannel has specialized in getting people to pay attention in a very noisy world. With their work having been featured by Cannes, SXSW, HOW, lynda and more, their work resonates with audiences worldwide.

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