Shipping Firm Harnesses Digital Signage for Fleet Efficiency


UK based Eclipse Digital Media provides an end-to-end Digital Signage solution for global shipping firm Carisbrooke Shipping. In addition to corporate communications, a custom dynamic data widget was developed to provide a real-time overview of fleets fuel consumption.

Carisbrooke Shipping is a privately owned shipping company based in Cowes, on the Isle of Wight. From its origins in the 1960s the company has evolved into a worldwide shipping company owning/operating a fleet of over 50 modern, dry cargo and multi-purpose vessels from offices in the UK, Holland and Germany.

“Eclipse Digital provided us with innovative and easy to use product that is constantly developed and improved. We are very pleased with the product itself as well as the level of support offered – especially during our work on custom projects Eclipse Digital proved approachable and easy to work with.”Daniel Lewandowski, IT Manager, Carisbrooke Shipping

Eclipse Digital Media supplied a range of Samsung 48” Commercial SSP Displays installed across 3 Carisbrooke Shipping Offices (UK, Holland, Germany). All displays receive content from the cloud based digital signage software embed signage. This software allows Carisbrooke Shipping to create multi zone, multi media content and distribute it to each individual screen.

“We’ve been looking for a way to improve information flow within our Company as well as providing some introductory info for our visitors – Digital Signage seemed like a perfect fit. Our solution needed to be flexible and easy to manage – preferably cloud based, allowing centralized management of devices located in different geographical locations. We reviewed several platforms however Embed Signage provided by Eclipse Digital Media offered the widest range of features for an affordable price.” Daniel Lewandowski, IT Manager, Carisbrooke Shipping

Carisbrooke extensively uses the ability to connect embed signage with other, external web services allowing for real-time content updates – for example: exchange rates or commodity prices. There was also a custom built dynamic data widget developed for Carisbrooke, this now means Carisbrooke can show Energy Efficiency Monitoring System data on their digital signage via embed signage, allowing the real-time overview of fleets fuel oil consumption.

“I definitely recommend Eclipse Digital Media to anyone looking for a flexible and affordable digital signage solution.”

Daniel Lewandowski, IT Manager, Carisbrooke Shipping



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