Shooting Pool with Digital AR Assistance


Call your stakehorses and get ready to hustle because Portugal-based digital solutions company Forge IT is changing the games of pool, Snooker and billiards with their augmented reality (AR) product dubbed Pool Live Aid.  

Using a short-throw projector and 3D depth camera system that tracks the player’s aim and the cue stick’s movement in real time, Pool Live Aid’s AR system creates an optimal path for the white ball to do its job of knocking other balls into the appropriate pocket. It even accounts for how the table’s cushions affect the trajectory with remarkable accuracy. While old-school hustlers and ESPN stars may scoff at this technological assistance, but you’d be hard pressed to think of a better tutorial for your pool, Snooker or billiards skill sets.

According to Forge IT’s website, Pool Live Aid is also capable of recording the moves you make on video, which can then be saved or shared onto social networks, and “the tool itself has an integrated social network where players can share a particular state of the table (each of the ball’s positions) or load them. A solution for that table state can then be also shared and voted by the community for best solution of that state.”

Check out the video below to see amateurs effortlessly engage in trick shots worthy of the masters …

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Jason Kushner is a videographer, editor, writer and filmmaker living in the Greater Atlanta Area. With an educational background combining film and journalism, Kushner has shot video and written for a myriad of publications and multimedia projects including Creative Loafing Tampa,, Starline Films and Digital Signage Connection. His 2009 documentary American Colonies: Collapse of the Bee became an Official Selection at 12 international film festivals, won Best Documentary at the 2009 Central Florida Film Festival and a John Muir Gold Award at the 2009 Yosemite Film Festival.  In 2015, he became Digital Media Editor for Digital Signage Expo, LightShow West and LED Specifier Summit and has since become Digital Content Manager for those shows’ parent company, Exponation.


  1. Schmuck McSchmucky on

    You cannot purchase it anywhere because the product has failed. It turns out that creating an ultra-short-throw projector and integrating it with a 3D depth camera and having the hardware required to compute real-time kinematics and tracking of the cuestick was too costly for consumers. Perhaps someone else will create a more feasible method of achieving the same thing, if not more features.

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