ShowBiz Cinemas’ Baytown 10 Digital Signage Welcomes People Back to Movie Theaters


ShowBiz Cinemas opened Baytown 10, a cinema/bowling complex with some of the most advanced digital signage technologies ever installed in a multipurpose entertainment venue. The highlight is Barco’s Lobby Domination, an immersive entertainment experience designed to increase dwell time and promote sales by taking over every screen in the lobby.

Nominating Company: BARCO, Rancho Cordova, California
Venue: ShowBiz Cinemas Baytown 10, Dallas, Texas
Project: ShowBiz Cinemas Baytown 10/ Barco’s Lobby Domination
Category: Arts, Entertainment & Recreation

The primary objective for installing advanced digital signage in Baytown 10 was to drive new revenues for the business. Digital signage in major public areas throughout the facility cross-engages and upsells patrons with customized advertising.

Baytown 10’s most exciting innovation is Lobby Domination, which uses sight, sound and social media to engage customers and promote upcoming attractions. To create Lobby Domination, primary technical contractor Barco partnered with major Hollywood studios to develop custom content and animations and create buzz for new films.

ShowBiz can trigger short, 20- to 30-second “dominations” that take over every screen in the lobby and create an immersive entertainment experience. For instance, the lights dim and choreographed movie characters appear to move from one screen to another while large-format trailers dominate the lobby. Barco and ShowBiz designed Lobby Domination to increase dwell time and promote loyalty programs, concessions, bowling deals and other offers after movie trailers.

Home cinema, pay TV, VOD and OTT have created tremendous challenges for the traditional movie theater industry, and theater owners are having to adapt.

Barco’s Lobby Domination, as showcased by Baytown 10, is a direct response to this challenge. ShowBiz Cinemas’ deployment brings every part of the complex to life with visually spectacular and immersive entertainment before, during and after the show. Through the latest digital signage technologies, exclusive custom content and tie-ins to social media, ShowBiz Cinemas creates a one-of-a-kind moviegoing experience for its customers.

Baytown 10 has 25 large-format screens throughout the complex that display digital movie posters, café menus, movie schedules, wayfinding, and if necessary, emergency information. In addition, those 25 screens are periodically taken over for the dominations. Coordinating and managing all of those displays — particularly when it came to the dominations — presented challenges of its own in terms of logistics and content creation.

Barco’s powerful X2O visual communications platform manages the entire Baytown 10 installation, including animations and custom content for the dominations, box office and menu layouts and supporting graphics. It is also the foundation for Barco’s Lobby Domination. X2O’s highly intuitive GUI and HTML5-enabled software make it easy to create, schedule and play out dominations and other content to any screen in the facility. X2O simplifies linking to internal and external data sources, and users can simply drag and drop content to create channels quickly from HD video, still images, 3D animations, slides and more.

Barco provided a full-time, on-site technical consultant and also consulted with ShowBiz on placement of LCDs in order to maximize customer engagement. For the movie-based dominations, the Barco creative team worked countless hours to storyboard and time character movements and provide the content and architecture mapping to ensure a simultaneous and effective presentation on multiple displays.

Baytown Edit_2RESULTS
Baytown 10 opened on November 1, 2015. There will be many opportunities to gather data on customer participation and measure success. For instance, ShowBiz can trigger a “domination” that takes over all screens in the bowling alley to promote a movie that’s about to begin in one of the auditoriums. From a self-service ticket kiosk in the bowling alley, the theater can collect data on the number of tickets sold immediately following the domination to gauge its effectiveness. In the lobby and other areas, staff members with iPads can walk among the patrons and sell tickets during a domination, which also generates participation data.

Data will indicate effectiveness of dominations and drive cross-marketing efforts. ShowBiz will also use social media click-throughs to evaluate performance.

Barco won the DSE 2016 Bronze Apex Award in the Arts, Entertainment & Recreation category.

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