Signage Leader Firebolt Group Acquires Envisage Engagement Technologies for Live Point of Sale Activation


DETROIT (PRWEB) January 29, 2018—The last milestone in live marketing has been reached, and the retail experience is about to be forever changed. Firebolt Group (, a leader in cutting edge LED/digital signage and brand display solutions, is pleased to announce that it has acquired Envisage Engagement Technologies (

Envisage is best known for its Engage360 live marketing software as a service (SaaS) platform, proven, enterprise-ready, live channel marketing that integrates with POS, CRM and other systems. Firebolt will put this technology to work at point of sale for its retail customers.

“We are excited about what Envisage will contribute to the Firebolt Group,” says Philip Ochtman, Firebolt CEO. “The time is right to extend our signage and brand display offering from the last mile to in-store live interaction. For retailers and live event marketers, the ROI is plain to see. For shoppers, the best thing about Envisage’s offering is that it’s effortless and fun.”

Soaring retail conversions

The Engage360 and Envisage team will be deployed to amplify Firebolt’s offering, enabling the company to engage retail customers while capturing powerful, actionable intelligence on the total point of sale offering. “Engage360 captures a wealth of information on-site while delighting shoppers,” says John Bush, Envisage President. “It’s going to improve live conversions for retailers—we’re very excited to see it in action, now in Firebolt’s capable hands.”

With the Envisage acquisition, Firebolt will be able to record customer interactions, enabling precise segmentation and the delivery of consistent, granular customer intelligence—all within the retail environment. This cutting-edge, combined capability is expected to significantly improve conversions and raise live marketing program ROI throughout the organization.

About Envisage Engagement Technologies
Envisage Engagement Technologies connects companies to their customers more effectively. This includes a highly customizable live channel marketing solution that captures and leverages live experiences, significantly improving the ROI of engagement marketing programs. Envisage also consults on, plans and builds custom solutions that create the agility required to better understand customers and engage with them more effectively.

About Firebolt Group
Firebolt Group ignites brand performance as a leading manufacturer of cutting-edge LED signs and digital display products. Their signs deliver the most vibrant colors and enhancements imaginable, making clients’ logos and messages really stand out! Firebolt was born out of the merger between Estrakon and Tec Art Industries, two leading suppliers of signage and display products for decades. With unparalleled design quality and color- matching techniques, the company provides LIGHTNING FAST PROTOTYPE TURNAROUND in state-of-the-art production facilities in the U.S., U.K. and China.


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