SignStix Launches New Digital Signage API to Build Data-Driven Digital Experiences and Custom Solutions


The team behind the award-winning digital engagement platform, SignStix®, has launched a new API which enables SignStix® users to capture and integrate data in many new ways. This will pave the way for more personalized, data-driven digital experiences.

An API effectively acts as a ‘gateway’ into a piece of software, allowing digital signage customers to develop new features independently of the software. The new SignStix® API will allow customers to directly control the signage device, giving them the power to retrieve data, access device settings, query playback statistics, pull data from external web applications and much more.

With this new capability, the SignStix® platform can be easily modified and configured to control and retrieve specific data, allowing users to customise the solution to their needs, without technical restrictions.

“There are multiple applications for APIs in digital signage – many of which won’t have even been considered before,” explains Nick Fearnley, SignStix® CEO.

“The SignStix® API opens up a whole new realm of opportunity for our clients. It introduces a new level of autonomy and flexibility; not forgetting the ability to capture customer data.”

“With minimal technical input, our customers can easily integrate with product information databases and asset management databases to automatically control content, for example, or integrate with a web application that displays media subject to certain triggers, such as audience demographics, stock levels or weather.”

“The SignStix® API also gives customers the power to display content which is dynamically updated from an external source, which is an incredibly powerful tool for retailers and quick-service restaurants to manage pricing information and ever-changing promotional data.”

“One of the most popular application examples we’ve seen is the ability to capture customer data on an interactive kiosk or signage display, so that clients can understand which content elements are being interacted with. For example, a retailer might find that only 20% of customers are interacting with a specific portion of their digital signage campaign; therefore, they may tweak the content to improve engagement levels. This is an extremely valuable tool for marketers, as it allows them to clearly evaluate the effectiveness of their digital campaigns and use customer data to help inform their marketing decisions.”

SignStix® has already received positive feedback from enterprise-level corporates who are looking to build their own internal portals or Intranets, in a bid to improve internal communications.

“With the WebView and Javascript API tools, our clients can also create their own interactive portals and Intranet sites, comprising staff training videos, external website links, social media feeds and personalised notifications,” adds Nick.

“All of this functionality can be built in a matter of minutes and can be made directly accessible from business smartphones, tablets or internal screens.”

Aneysha Wakelin, Head of Marketing at SignStix®, adds: “We’ve seen digital signage move away from being a standalone application to something that enables organisations to build much more creative and personalised digital experiences.

“In an age where consumers are demanding more seamless, connected experiences than ever before, SignStix® is a great example of how technology can help facilitate this – all for a significantly low cost and minimal technical input.”

The API is supported on the SignStix® Android player and is available to existing SignStix® customers, free of charge.

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