SignStix Makes Mark on Corporate Communications Industry with New Windows-Based Module and Screensaver Functionality


SignStix®, the multiple-award winning digital engagement platform, has recently announced the launch of its Windows module, providing a whole new opportunity for organisations looking to improve the way they communicate and engage with staff.

Following the development of the Windows module, and the exciting new features brought with it, the platform has enjoyed substantial growth in the corporate communications industry. One of the new features includes the delivery of digital media content onto Desktop PCs, allowing organisations to remotely control the content displayed on idle PC screens. The content would effectively act as a screensaver whenever a member of staff leaves their screen idle.

“We’re already quoting thousands of licenses for the Windows version in the UK alone, primarily for the corporate desktop market,” said Nick Fearnley, Founder and CEO of SignStix®

“It’s a whole new way of engaging, informing and motivating staff.”

With full support from both Windows and Android, SignStix® now offers organisations with the ability to deliver corporate messaging across multiple locations, to dozens of digital touchpoints including Desktop PCs, POS hardware, video walls, tablets, kiosks and smartphones. By offering multiple playback mechanisms, SignStix® clients benefit from a platform that goes far beyond traditional digital signage software, providing endless opportunities for digital engagement within the workplace.

The Windows module also enables integration with legacy systems to deliver internal announcements, reminders, special events and industry news quickly and easily to an organisation’s global workforce.

In addition, SignStix® has worked with a number of enterprise-level organisations to power internal communications via video wall displays and department-specific screens, which have been found to significantly increase employee engagement and interaction.

WhereScape, an international company that has global operations across the USA, UK, Singapore and New Zealand, commissioned SignStix® to power a video wall display in the reception of their New Zealand office. The large-format video wall is being used to deliver case study content in addition to a live Twitter feed, driving social engagement and interaction.


About SignStix

SignStix® is an award-winning cloud-based digital engagement platform, enabling organisations of any size to create, edit, manage and deploy digital content with ease. The solution is fully scalable and is used by commercial and corporate enterprises to drive customer engagement and enhance in-store experiences.

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