SignStix® and Philips Professional Display Solutions launch ‘all-in-one’ display-based digital signage solution to global market


SignStix® and Philips PDS (Professional Display Solutions) have officially launched a new,
totally embedded signage solution based around the Philips D-Line display, completely
removing the need for external hardware. The new integrated solution made its global debut
at the Philips Partners’ booth at the recent Integrated Systems Europe Show.

The Full HD, D-Line display was the first Philips model to feature the Android OS, with
more of the company’s range now moving to the OS thanks to its faster processing power,
easier installation and advanced ‘fail-over’ protection. In addition to the Android OS, D-Line
is uniquely a Dual SOC model with dedicated chips for the operation of the display and for
managing and playing content, to ensure that all software runs smoothly and under all

SignStix®, the award-winning digital engagement platform, can now be fully integrated into
the D-Line Android displays eliminating the need for additional player hardware.

Customers can control their global digital estate from SignStix’s® easy-to-use online tool for
content creation and campaign delivery, without having to worry about software installation,
servers and hardware setup.

SignStix® and Philips PDS are also taking their ‘all-in-one’ proposition one step further by
becoming the first solution provider to offer advanced panel-control capabilities and
commands, such as port locking (USB/SD) and peripheral whitelisting. This enables
administrators to restrict access to external peripherals plugged into the panel, which will
substantially enhance security.

“Philips Professional Display Solutions have given us an unprecedented level of access to the
low-level firmware on their new panels, due entirely to our credibility in developing
solutions from the ground up,” explains Nick Fearnley, SignStix® Managing Director and

“The extensive access Philips PDS provides to native applications means that SignStix®
Director – our content management and deployment tool – is able to manage not only the
deployment of content, but also fully integrate the panel control mechanisms directly into
the dashboard,” Fearnley added.

“Normally this would require a separate application and infrastructure, so adding these new
features directly to our very cost-effective online platform removes many of the commercial
and operational barriers to enterprise-level rollouts.”

The SignStix®- Android powered Philips D-Line displays also offer full video wall capability,
for content playback at native resolution.

Commenting on the new partnership with SignStix,® Philips Professional Display Solutions
UK Sales Director, Martin Ware said: “Philips PDS is widely recognized as one of the most
innovative companies in the industry. Our D-Line is a break through display with its
combination of the Android OS and unique features such as the CMND display management
system. I’m delighted that our visionary product has attracted committed support from such
an equally leading and forward-thinking company as SignStix®”

Philips PDS and SignStix® are also working collaboratively with new and existing partners to
deliver a full-service digital engagement solution covering consultancy, content creation,
support and associated services on an international scale, covering a diverse range of

“SignStix® is very much about delivering value to our growing subscriber base,” commented
Nick Fearnley, SignStix® Managing Director and CEO.

“The partnership with Philips PDS has added yet another exciting dynamic to our solution;
we’ve been able to lower the capex associated with digital engagement even further whilst
enhancing the feature set.

“Philips PDS’ choice of Android for the on-chip solution releases the full power of
SignStix®’s capabilities, and has enabled us to truly sell SignStix® as a platform that can be
delivered in seconds, anywhere in the world, by just emailing users a SignStix® account.

“The additional benefit is that we’re already half way through a UK-wide rollout to a major
name in the retail space, which is testament to how compelling this solution really is,”
Fearnley concluded.

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