SignStix Reveals Major Platform Enhancements with Brand New Director v3.0 Release


Multi-award-winning digital engagement platform SignStix® has launched a majorly enhanced version of its cloud-based tool for content management – SignStix® Director.

SignStix® Director is used by clients to manage, schedule and deploy digital signage campaigns, interactive experiences and other forms of digital content to virtually any device, allowing for the easy management of global digital estates from anywhere in the world.

Complete with a mobile-first, fully-responsive redesign, Director v3.0 retains all the simplicity that the existing Director tool is internationally recognised for; whilst being packed with brand new, user-centric features and functionality designed to support global digital networks.

SignStix® Founder, Nick Fearnley, describes Director v3.0 as truly “forward-thinking,” commenting:

“Director v3.0 is our biggest and most significant platform release ever. It forms the foundation of what we’re sure will become the most substantial – and flexible – digital communications platform available on the market today.

“What’s most interesting, is that a lot of the v3.0 functionality has been designed in collaboration with our existing clients, allowing us to cater directly to client feedback and requests, and to include the very latest, truly next-level technical processes that are rarely seen in other digital platforms.

“As a result, our team have committed a significant amount of effort fine-tuning and continually enhancing Director v3.0 over the past two and a half years. That’s what makes our platform, and our approach to development, truly forward-thinking. 

Director v3.0 has been built to allow organisations to mould and modify the SignStix® platform to their exact workflow and content management requirements; providing users with greater control of their digital estate than ever before.

Included amongst the platform enhancements is an enriched user interface, and improved general navigation thanks to a lighter, fresher, user-centric design.

One of the most significant developments is v3.0’s approach to the management of digital content, assets and devices. Users can now build their own deployment structure, replacing the existing ‘Site and Zone’ format with a new framework known as ‘Locations.’ This enhanced functionality makes it possible for organisations to define their own deployment hierarchy, ultimately giving them total control over how their digital estate will be organised and managed. Users also have the ability to organise devices based on their own criteria such as geographical location, company department (Marketing, Sales, Womenswear, Menswear etc.,) or even screen orientation.

SignStix users can also search and find specific content, locations and devices thanks to brand new advanced search and meta data-tagging capabilities; users have the ability to filter content under new labels such as ‘Tags’, ‘Modified date’, ‘Created by’ and more.

In addition to all of these enhancements, Director v3.0 features a fully redesigned device management dashboard, enabling IT administrators to quickly configure and deploy new devices remotely in new ways. Within Director v3.0, every aspect of a live media player can be remotely managed, including even the most complex video wall configurations. Users can quickly gather technical information about every end-point of the SignStix® network, including information such as device temperature, uptime and storage space, in addition to live screenshots and diagnostics from running devices.

SignStix® Managing Director, Martin Brook, anticipates that clients will enjoy a much smoother SignStix® experience, with the new v3.0 features providing much “easier” methods for managing digital content:

“After several years of fine-tuning our cloud-based platform for content management, SignStix® already has a highly deserved reputation in the marketplace for being a truly innovative digital solutions provider.

“Thanks to the more streamlined and arbitrary nature of Director v3.0, we believe that our current partners and clients will experience an easier and highly enjoyable digital experience; and I’m looking forward to seeing further market opportunities arising from our enhanced platform offering.”

Due to the technical development processes behind Director v3.0, the platform has also enabled SignStix to make the successful transition from a Software-as-Service to a much more flexible Platform-as-a-Service model.

Nick Fearnley explained:

“Director v3.0 is a really big release from an API and PaaS perspective. We decided that v3.0 would be built entirely on an API, such that our own user interface to v3.0 could be replaced entirely if a client so wished. In doing so, we expose all the great functionality of SignStix® as web-service calls that other companies can take advantage of from their own platforms.”

“Consequently, what we are now seeing is that clients and partners are looking at SignStix® as a part of their solution. They are using SignStix® to deliver new and enhanced services, but building on their own existing interfaces.

“We’re also seeing partners and clients starting to consider building their own systems – no compromise workflows – because the SignStix® PaaS API gives them 80% of what they need, out of the box. This is why our v3.0 PaaS solution is unlocking opportunity – because it’s taking away huge amounts of cost and complexity.”

The launch of Director v3.0 will mark the first of a phased roll-out of the program, with new features being released every quarter.


For more information, please contact:

Aneysha Wakelin

Head of Marketing Strategy

0845 863 0520

About SignStix®

SignStix® is an award-winning digital communications platform, which allows you to deliver digital content to any device, anywhere in the world. Built from the ground-up, our web-based tool gives you absolutely everything you need to build engaging digital signage campaigns, interactive experiences and automated communications with ease.


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