SignStix Set to Launch ‘Player-Less’ Digital Signage in Partnership with Leading Screen Manufacturers


SignStix, the multiple-award winning digital engagement platform, is soon to launch a much-anticipated System-on-Chip (SoC) player module, enabling its software to be installed directly onto a range of commercial display panels from some of the world’s leading screen manufacturers including Toshiba, Phillips and Samsung.

Over the past two years, SignStix has become well-known for its minimal hardware, ‘hassle-free’ approach to digital signage, and while the 4K SignStix Player will still offer enhanced functionality, the SoC player module takes this one step further by providing an all-in-one solution.

This SoC solution from SignStix will facilitate direct integration with selected Toshiba, Samsung and Phillips commercial displays, alleviating the need for an external digital signage player and cabling. This highly attractive proposition will make the process of installation much simpler and more cost-effective than ever before, helping to reduce ongoing costs significantly and maximise efficiency. 

 “The new SoC player is a massive leap forward,” says Nick Fearnley, CEO and Founder of SignStix®.

“Though our existing SignStix Android player enables best-in-class 4K playback and content delivery, the new panels entering the market have very capable processors built in. Having SignStix on the panel itself is like having Netflix on your TV at home – no additional kit, boxes or cables required and minimal setup – just switch on the panel and start delivering engaging content.”

“As there is no software download, nor any servers required, we’ve now made global digital engagement as easy as using your smartphone, and generally for a much smaller ongoing investment than most solutions you’ll find on the market.”

“We have a very exciting, feature-packed development roadmap in place and will be announcing additional content playback mechanisms in the coming months,” Nick concluded.

The SoC player module will be available towards the end of September 2016. More information will be released soon.

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