SignStix Steps Up its Digital Signage Software with Exciting New Features & Mobile-First Design


Multi-award-winning digital engagement platform SignStix® will release a radically updated version of its cloud-based Director software in the next couple of months. Already renowned to be one of the most user-friendly and scalable platforms on the market, SignStix® has stepped up its cloud-based offering with a range of exciting new features in addition to a mobile-first design overhaul.

SignStix® Director, which allows users to manage and deliver digital signage content and interactive campaigns, has been redesigned to facilitate a smoother, cleaner workflow, with a heavy focus on user experience and accessibility.

The new version of SignStix® Director, also known as Director v3.0, builds upon the existing features which existing clients have grown to love, whilst incorporating a mobile-first, fully responsive interface. This will provide users with the ability to effortlessly manage, edit, schedule and deploy content from any device including smartphones and tablets.

In addition to the all-new responsive interface, Director v3.0 will also adopt a fresher, lighter design for added simplicity.

Nick Fearnley, Founder and CEO of SignStix® describes Director v3.0 as “really exciting,” saying:

“We’ve seen a substantial increase in enterprise-level deployments recently at SignStix®. Director v3.0 has been developed in partnership with enterprise clients to enable a much more efficient way of managing assets and deployments in the system.”

This more efficient way of managing assets includes the addition of search filters and tags, as well as improved general navigation. Content created by users can now be filtered under labels such as ‘Preset’, ‘Sign Length’ and ‘Created By.’

Nick added: “Director v3.0 forms the foundation of what we’re sure will become the most substantial digital engagement platform available on the market today. Only a year ago, SignStix® was really only digital signage, however, with deployments spanning everything from smart devices, screensavers, kiosks, right through to the largest video walls and interactive applications – it has become so much more.”

The upcoming launch of Director v3.0 will mark the first of a phased rollout of the programme, with new features being released every quarter as part of SignStix®’s on-going programme of quality and usability improvement.

About SignStix®

SignStix® is an award-winning digital signage platform, developed specifically to enhance and support any new or developing multichannel marketing strategy. It is a cloud-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution used by commercial and corporate enterprises to drive engagement and enhance in-store experiences.

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