Silicon Valley Startup Aims to Revolutionize Digital Signage and Democratize Advertising in one fell Swoop


“We saw a fragmented industry of hardware vendors, one-off cloud-solutions, content management systems, and consultants. We saw systems that were so antiquated and expensive to operate, the overhead didn’t make much sense. With digital transformation on the horizon and the internet of things on the rise, this industry should be claiming its spot at the forefront of technology. We wanted to do something about it,” said Mohammad Loukili, Co-founder, Display.Stream.

Display.Stream wants to democratize digital displays just as Apple democratized computers and Google democratized information. They bring a community-driven platform where industry professionals and businesses can come and innovate with powerful yet simple tools and processes at their fingertips. Display.Stream is a full cloud content management service, a player supported by all major hardware displays, an SDK to build custom applications, a REST API to integrate with other services and an AppStore for consultants to sell ready-to-use templates and applications.

“The time has come to merge the online experience with the physical location. People shouldn’t have the highest levels of customer experience online, only to visit the physical locations and be transported back to 1998,” said Michael Amaru, Co-founder, Display.Stream.

Display.Stream offers more content creation value than any typical cloud-based digital signage provider with the ability to build interactive and context-aware applications and adverts and marries it with a platform that provides all aspects of the industry to the highest degree. Maximum scalability with no limitations. Cloud-based real-time broadcasting, be it video, static graphics, or interactive applications. Remote control at the display level with easy to use and customizable means of display management. Compatible with any display of your choosing or  select from a variety of Display.Stream’s touchscreen commercial displays that come pre-integrated with the cloud service and 4G/5G connectivity.

Display.Stream wasn’t just thinking of tens or even hundreds of displays, but rather hundreds of thousands of displays. “Every sign or billboard, on every highway or public road, in every business, in public transportation, should be digital. In a world that is changing at a rapid pace, our communications must keep up. When you can change messaging on a dime, you can find what works a thousand times faster. Static signs no longer make sense. Display.Stream was built to operate at a massive scale,” said Loukili.

Whether on a massive scale or small, businesses shouldn’t be blocked by complexities or expense. Though their vision is large, Display.Stream keeps the small businesses close to heart. “While we revolutionize an industry, we want to bring more equality to the world,” said Amaru.

“It hurts small businesses to stress their resources, digital displays are just as beneficial to the small business as they are to government and enterprise and shouldn’t be out of reach. What else hurts small businesses is the current way the world does advertising. Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and alike continue to take small businesses money and offer convoluted analytics and mysterious placement algorithms in return.” said Loukili. They believe community and displays can fix all this and Display.Stream has a way that puts the money back into the pockets of the businesses and local communities.

“It’s time to change the pay to play culture around advertising and make it a culture of a sharing economy,” said Amaru. When advertising becomes peer-to-peer, everything is transparent. Nothing gets hidden behind the curtain of a large tech giant. $385 billion are spent each year on digital advertising. Display.Stream envisions a world where most of that ad spend is redistributed to the businesses and local communities worldwide. “We want advertising revenue to become a solid part of every business with the ability to double yearly earnings,” said Loukili.

Every activated display has the opportunity to be a host for advertising. The display hosts get paid by the advertisers and hosts can advertise on each other’s displays. When a business activates a display, that business gets exposure on the Display.Stream network map. The display and business information appear with their location on a global, searchable map where customers and advertisers can find them. Rates are on a per-second basis and cost is determined by the display’s attributes, location, and the number of viewers at any given time, they call this the Display.Stream Effectiveness or DSE for short.

Ads are handled on a request basis; the host can choose who can advertise on their displays to ensure symbiotic brand relations and quality. Putting hosts in control of what is seen brings integrity to advertising. Hosts filter for quality, and honest products creating an environment for healthy advertising competition.

“The displays at the property opened doors to local businesses and the community, and everyone was thrilled to run their ads here. This has been extremely beneficial for generating awareness for J Malden Center, a brand-new development in Massachusetts. We have found that Display.Stream is a catalyst for increasing occupancy and generating additional other income for any property,” said Jonathan Mathews, Property Manager, Jefferson Apartments.

Display.Stream is free to sign up and they’re inviting everyone who has a physical location to activate a display immediately. They’re calling all developers and designers to come and contribute to the AppStore. Asking businesses using digital signage to switch to Display.Stream, save money, be better positioned for the future, and help move this industry and the world of advertising forward. It’s all happening here at 

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