SITO Mobile Bows Partnership with Ayuda[x] to Enable Real-time DOOH, Mobile Ad Delivery


Mobile engagement platform SITO Mobile on Thursday announced a data partnership with marketing technology firm Ayuda[x]Inc. to offer real-time mobile location data to advertising agencies and brand marketers. The partnership will help both companies make digital out-of-home (DOOH) and mobile media purchases and placements in the U.S. The partnership also aims to enhance both companies’ respective data assets, targeting capabilities, measurement, and audience reach.

With the partnership, SITO Mobile will provide Ayuda[x]with deeper analytics, audience insights, and attribution in relation to DOOH campaigns so the company can optimize its DOOH inventory. In addition, the data will provide the opportunity for broader mobile reach to Ayuda[x]’s DOOH supply-side partners with the potential for a more seamless integration and purchase of DOOH with mobile campaigns. The goal is to enable cross-screen exposure.

SITO Mobile’s owned-and-operated marketing platform offers access to more than 98% of U.S. mobile consumers via more than 200,000 popular apps. It also feeds nearly 4.5 trillion monthly data points through its machine-learning algorithms.

Ayuda[x]created a DOOH and mobile ad-serving platform that uses real-time location data and allows ad inventory purchases to be based on historical and current location data and audience visitation.

Ayuda[x]aims to help marketers target consumers by delivering ads to mobile devices and DOOH screens by analyzing large geospatial datasets to understand where consumers are, where they’ve been, and where they’re going. 

“With the insights we now have with location data, SITO Mobile and Ayuda[x]are enabling marketers to plan mobile and out-of-home channels simultaneously since they both conform to the same audience movement patterns,” stated Mike Gamaroff, SITO Mobile’s SVP Channel Strategy. Both channels, he said, are best planned and bought in alignment with one another.


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