Skineez Skincarewear Debuts Digital Billboard in New York’s Times Square


BOSTON, Dec. 12, 2018 –– Skineez Skincarewear®, a leading cosmetotextile skincarewear company, recently debuted its latest digital billboard in New York’s legendary Times Square. The video features a diverse cast in a high-energy dance routine, capturing the fun and excitement of wearing Skineez.

To catch consumers’ attention in the busiest, brightest intersection in the world, Skineez turned to the creative agency Movers+Shakers (  The agency specializes in breaking engagement records with original music and dance.   

Movers+Shakers created the “Skineez Compression Party,” where a diverse group of dancers celebrates how great their skin feels with Skineez.  Evan Horowitz, CEO of Movers+Shakers, said “Skineez celebrates the skin you’re in, and our Compression Party features performers of all ages, shapes, and colors.”

Michelle Moran, CEO of Skineez Skincarewear, explained: “We chased down Movers+Shakers because we wanted to express how fabulous our fabrics are, in a way that would capture attention in Times Square.  What better way to do that than through dance? Our compression socks are so comfortable that dancers moved in them effortlessly; a feature that would be next to impossible with other compression wear which is often scratchy and rough.”

Skineez Skincarewear was selected to participate in a small business advertising program because of its innovative technology advancements in beauty. The product billboards will run through annually and have the potential to reach over 1.5 million tourists and residents that travel through Times Square daily.  The full-length 30-second spot will be featured on YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook.

“Our products have benefits for everyone,” said Moran. “Both men and women love our compression and hydrating features and our FDA-approved medical benefits are unlike any other leggings, sock or glove product on the market.”

The company’s stylish, hydrating smart fabric is infused with natural elements like shea butter, retinol, and rosehip oil that help repair and restore skin within just an hour of being worn. Skineez is the only company to manufacture innovative, smart cosmo textile products that provide therapeutic and hydration benefits that are endorsed by medical professionals. 

“We filmed the whole 30 seconds in a continuous shot, to draw people into the Compression Party,” explained Geoffrey Goldberg, Creative Director of Movers+Shakers.  “Then we cut a special version for the 1,624 square foot wrap-around screen in Times Square, to stand out and catch your attention.”

Based in Boston, all Skineez products are made in the U.S.A and the company is a certified Women Owned Business. Skineez products are available nationwide at retailers including CVS, DSW, Walmart Walgreens and more.

To learn more about the company or purchase Skineez products online, visit

About Movers+Shakers

Movers+Shakers shatters engagement records by telling brand stories with original music and dance.  Their video ads make consumers sit up and take notice.  Co-founded by a Harvard MBA marketer and a Broadway performer and choreographer, Movers+Shakers excels at understanding a brand’s personality and goals.  They create fresh and unique content that not only engages the target audience, it moves the needle on awareness and sales.  View their 90-sec intro reel at  

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