The Sky is the Limit for Digital Displays: Windowless Airplanes on the Horizon


When people ponder the ideal future of technology, and digital signage in particular, there’s usually some mention of Stephen Spielberg’s 2001 film adaptation of Philip K. Dick’s Minority Report and Tom Cruise’s police chief John Anderton feverishly “swiping” transparent computers screens and other digital interfaces to and fro his hands. While it’s all undeniably cool, it’s been a reality in pockets of today’s world for going on six years now. In fact, Minority Report’s Executive Producer of Visual Effects Anne White was a speaker at this past year’s Digital Signage Expo and has been featured as an Advisory Board member on Digital Signage Connection. So, if she was sitting next to you right now, and you could ask her what’s down the proverbial road, what do you think she would she say? What’s the next big breakthrough in digital display technology and application? Well, how about a flying machine with no windows that is instead lined entirely with LED screens?

While Minority Report’s technology is already here and evolving, this windowless airplane concept is more than a decade away from widespread implementation, but according to the UK-based Centre for Process Innovation (CPI), the lack of traditional windows will render the airplane lighter and stronger thereby making a 21st century journey into the friendly skies that much safer and more fuel-efficient. As the video below illustrates, the possibilities are virtually endless, but the most exciting feature of this prototype may be that every passenger will get a virtual window seat. That includes those smooshed between bodies in the middle seat and those getting their feet trodden by beverage carts in the aisle. The other notable element here is that the windowless airplane will fully embrace OLED (Organic Light-Emitting Diodes) as a display option. In this case, the OLED screens will be attached to cameras all over the airplane’s exterior, allowing a view of the outside for the more old-fashioned traveler.

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