SMART Showcases New Line of Education Displays and Software to Make Connected Classroom Learning Experiences a Reality


At ISTE Conference, debut of new EdTech products that enable teachers and students to collaborate on lessons through connected displays and software for improved learning outcomes SAN ANTONIO, June 26, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — SMART Technologies, a leading provider of collaboration solutions, has developed a connected classroom suite incorporating displays and software that improve both learning experience and educational outcomes through a choice of technology options.

Recent research demonstrates that technology in and of itself does not necessarily help student outcomes. In a study funded by SMART with an outside firm, research shows that the combination of best practices in pedagogy with technology enhance outcomes. As a result, SMART developed fit-for-purpose technology which accommodates a variety of pedagogies, teaching styles, and learning needs.

Two new panel series feature SMART’s proprietary iQ technology that fully integrates software, content and student contributions from devices on its SMART Board® interactive displays. Teachers can also now move from room to room without being tied to a single computer or display; easier transitions reduce teacher stress and set-up time. The simplicity of SMART solutions increases the likelihood that technology will be fully adopted to benefit students.  Because it integrates with existing software, learning platforms and assessment needs, schools can leverage current investments and receive long-term value for new investments. An all-in-one display and software suite now simplifies the purchase process.

“SMART is inspiring greatness by helping teachers tailor educational experiences to individual learning styles. We connect content, devices, displays and software together in the background so the teacher and students can focus on teaching and learning, rather than the technology tools,” said Greg Estell, President of SMART Technologies. “We’re rapidly advancing the vision of the cohesive classroom with innovative iQ technology that provides engaging, flexible teaching and active learning options.”

Focus on results is crucial. As students increasingly embrace digital innovation in their personal lives, many educators struggle to simplify learning and incorporate meaningful technology into the classroom. SMART aims to create collaborative learning environments that fully engage teachers and students to yield applicable knowledge and skills, realizing the potential of money spent on classroom technology.

At the ISTE Conference in San Antonio, SMART will demonstrate SMART Learning Suite Software and SMART Notebook Player working with three series of SMART Boards.

SMART Learning Suite Software
All SMART educational displays include a one-year subscription to SMART Learning Suite software that combines lesson delivery, assessment, student collaboration and game-based learning software into one ultimate education suite. Visitors to ISTE will be able to see a beta of SMART Learning Suite Online, a new web-based classroom tool that supports active student participation on devices, offers fun and effective ways to gauge student understanding, and will soon enable distribution of lesson material (including game-based activities and formative assessments).

SMART Notebook Player
The SMART Notebook Player is a simplified platform that allows teachers to easily lead  interactive lessons on mobile devices and SMART Board interactive displays with iQ. The Notebook Player app is available to download onto a smartphone or tablet at no charge. It frees teachers to circulate through the classroom and provide personalized instruction where needed, while still maintaining control of the Notebook lesson on the SMART Board.

SMART Board 7000 series interactive display with iQ  
The SMART Board 7000 series interactive display with exclusive iQ technology is the most advanced interactive display for education, offering unrivalled collaborative features and ease of use. SMART’s proprietary HyPr Touch™ (Hybrid Precision Touch) is the next generation of optical technology delivering superior writing performance and touch accuracy, as well as the ability to recognize an array of different interactive tools (pen, eraser, etc.).

The intuitive display enables four users to write simultaneously in the pen color of their choice (Pen ID™). The interactive display can intuitively distinguish between different commands, allowing multiple students to simultaneously and independently write with the pens, select content with their fingers and use their palms to erase (Object Awareness™). These features combined enable Simultaneous Tool Differentiation, which allows multiple students to write, select and erase simultaneously and independently – no other education panel can match this unparalleled multi-user collaborative experience. It supports up to 16 simultaneous touch, writing and erase points. Other features include a magnetic pen tray, multi-port Convenience Panel, dual presence detection sensors, on-screen video preview and source switching, 4K Ultra HD resolution and video, and ENERGY STAR® compliance. SMART offers a three-year warranty (may be higher depending on region) and one-year subscription to SMART Learning Suite software. The displays are available in 75″ and 86″ panel sizes.

SMART Board 6000 series interactive display with iQ  
Expanding on its most popular interactive display for education, the new SMART Board 6000 series interactive display now comes with the unique iQ experience as a standard feature to provide a robust and affordable solution for the classroom. It also shares exclusive features with the 7000 series, including Simultaneous Tool Differentiation, Object AwarenessTM, Pen IDTM (supports two users writing simultaneously in the pen color of their choice), SilktouchTM, 4K Ultra HD resolution and ENERGY STAR® compliance. It also includes a three-year warranty (may be higher depending on region) and one-year subscription to SMART Learning Suite software. The displays are available in 65″ and 75″ panel sizes.

SMART Board 2000 series display  
The SMART Board 2000 series is a new non-touch 4K Ultra HD display with built-in screen sharing capability for students and teachers to present lesson content from their laptops, tablets or any other mobile device. It broadly supports iOS, Android and Microsoft devices right out of the box for ease of use and virtually no IT support required – no need for additional hardware, wiring, or apps to install on devices. It is a flexible solution to implement in any learning environment and promotes greater levels of student engagement. A three-year global warranty and one-year subscription to SMART Learning Suite software are standard. The display is available in a 75″ panel.

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