Smart Signage Rejuvenates Dongdaemun Design Plaza in Seoul


Dongdaemun Design Plaza (also called DDP), a popular destination and major urban development landmark in Seoul, Korea with a distinctive futuristic design, was rejuvenated with CLOUDCAST smart signage solution.

Nominating Company: KNOWCK Co., Ltd., #808 R&D Tower, Nurikum Square, 1605, Sangam-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul, Korea
Venue: Dongdaemun Design Plaza, 281, Yuljiro, Jung-gu, Seoul, Korea 281, South Korea
Project: CLOUDCAST Smart Signage Solution at Dongdaemun Design Plaza
Category: Businesss & Government Services

The DDP has been one of the main reasons for Seoul’s designation as World Design Capital in 2010. The DDP is the centerpiece of South Korea’s fashion hub and popular tourist destination, Dongdaemun, featuring a walkable park on its roofs, large global exhibition spaces, futuristic retail stores and restored parts of the Seoul fortress. The main objective of the DDP Signage Project was two-fold. One, enable a method of communicating a useful and informative content to the public, and two, enable a simple and efficient solution for managing multiple display information devices from a central location. The management team’s vision was to allow its visitors to feel entertained and informed no matter how many hours they spent at the DDP.

The DDP is a very large area, more than 920,000 square feet in size, with multiple displays spread across the site. It also boasts heavy foot traffic throughout the day since it is physically connected to the Seoul Subway via Dongdaemun History & Culture Park Station on Line 2, 4 and 5. Three inter-connected subway lines means there are people passing through every day and night and implies that display systems cannot be “turned off” for content updates. The main challenge of the previous solution was the management of the content. The manager had to open and update the content physically one by one for more than 100 displays. This meant that contents could not be updated frequently. As a result, the contents were dull, unaesthetic and limited to contents that were static due to the physical constraints for updating the display system.

Smart Signage Rejuvenates Dongdaemun Design Plaza in SeoulSOLUTIONS
CLOUDCAST was the lifesaver solution for the DDP. CLOUDCAST is a digital display management solution based on Android, and it includes versatile interface solutions through the Internet.

CLOUDCAST enabled:
1) Centralized management and distribution of up-to-date and dynamic content. Previously, most displays only showed static images and text. Now, contents are more dynamic with videos, and they are frequently updated as needed.
2) Remote monitoring and immediate action for display information management. CLOUDCAST allowed the DDP to monitor the health and status of the display information systems.
3) Synchronized screens solution with CLOUDCAST SYNC allows combining multiple screens to behave as one large screen.

Visual Media Wall Walkway
Visitors now can experience the aesthetic and futuristic surrounding with a visual display of 30 screens showing synchronized content as they enter the DDP from the subway exit. Information such as today’s events, current exhibitions, and of course, bargain sales at the DDP’s souvenir shop is displayed. The retail shop operators are satisfied with increased traffic and more targeted advertisements.

Smart Signage Rejuvenates Dongdaemun Design Plaza in SeoulEasy Site Management
Hundreds of displays can be scheduled or updated in real time without visiting every display terminal. Also, through the daily monitoring provided by the CLOUDCAST system and immediate alerts for disturbance in service means low downtime and higher productivity for the team.

A recent satisfaction survey proves that The DDP Signage Project is a big success. Also, the site management team is happy to focus on delivering great content with an efficient and reliable smart signage solution.


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