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One of the most common metrics for digital signage and immersive installations is whether or not the display can peel eyes away from mobile phones and other personal devices. In this case, the entire project revolves around embracing and celebrating the smartphone—specifically the Samsung Galaxy S8. 2017’s Milan Design Week saw Zaha Hadid Architects, the London-based agency behind transformative cultural, corporate and residential environments, collaborate with Samsung and digital art and design collective Universal Everything to create an immersive technology installation dubbed ‘Unconfined.’

Using the Samsung Galaxy S8’s seamless design as a primer, the pavilion led people through a spacey maze of curved screens that offered a sneak preview of the phone’s digital graphics. Once inside the heart of the installation, guests were offered the opportunity to test out the smartphones and their upgraded features for themselves.

“‘Unconfined’ sets a benchmark in the way materials and technology come together to create a natural flow between device and user, and this was the inspiration for our collaboration,” said Zaha Hadid Architects’ Patrik Schumacher. “We often look at the logic and coherence of nature’s systems when we are working to create environments that seamlessly connect form and function using innovative designs and technologies. This research is integrated within every aspect of the installation’s design.”

“Milan Design Week represents a unique opportunity to demonstrate the refinement of the Galaxy S8 and S8+ amongst the best minds of the design industry,” said Younghee Lee, Executive Vice President of Global Marketing, Mobile Communications Business at Samsung Electronics. “The Galaxy S8 and S8+ showcase our commitment to meaningful innovation; with the bezel-less surround and Infinity Display we have designed a device that connects with the user like never before, with function not limited by form.”

The pavilion was on display at the Tortona Design Week Milan back in April 2017, but it’s our Installation of the Week here at Digital Signage Connection. Check out the videos below for a POV look inside the immersive “Unconfined.”  Some of the footage is a bit shaky and dark, but you’ll get the idea and a feel for what it was like to actually be there.

Unconfined: Samsung Galaxy S8 launch at Milan Design Week from Universal Everything on Vimeo.




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